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Atlanta Is A Hub For Human Trafficking

Atlanta, GA – According to the FBI, Atlanta is a hub for human trafficking — where sex or labor is forced.  This is an issue across all of metro Atlanta, not just in the city. In a Gwinnett County suburb, a woman was convicted of beating two women and making them work without pay.  One of the reasons why Atlanta is a safe haven for this type of crime is because it is a transportation city. People can come into the city and leave very quickly once they have perpetrated their crime. It is also cheap and accessible to get to Atlanta, which makes our children and adults cheap and accessible as well.

The issue has become so serious that the Georgia Legislature recently passed a law to help in the fight. The new law requires certain businesses and establishments to post a notice to enable persons who are the subject of human trafficking to obtain help and services.  The law also directs the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to post a model notice on its website.  A link to the model notice is provided below.  The businesses and establishments specified in the law are required to have the notice posted in a specified location by September 15, 2013.

BOS Security is taking the time to insure that our security guards have access to this information and the telephone number 1-888-373-7888.  As our security guards make their rounds and perform their duties on a daily basis, they may become aware of these possibilities and have the ability to help those individuals in need.

Human Trafficking Poster (pdf)


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