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Atlanta Security Guard Company Represented at International Meeting

The annual meeting of the International Association of Chiefs of Police ( IACP) was held in Philadelphia this year with over 750 exhibitors and 17,000 attendees from all over the world.  Atlanta based BOS Security President Nathan Carmack attended and participated in educational sessions for administrators.

The Newtown school shooting was covered in a confidential session with restricted attendance. The Chief and responding officers from Newtown presented a view previously not available from news media. Effective strategies being used to deal with mass shootings and individual critical incidents as used at Newtown were discussed. Topics included predictive behaviors that lead to mass casualty shootings regardless of setting – workplaces, houses of worship, universities, courtrooms, schools, malls, etc. and how to intervene before shots are fired. Also discussed in detail was the often overlooked impact on the first responders as well as their families from involvement in critical incidents.

A presentation by US Attorney General Eric Holder highlighted the concerns of the Department of Justice to future threats and challenges faced by security personnel in the US as we recover from the violent attacks of this year. The acting secretary, US Department of Homeland Security shared updates on a wide spectrum of homeland security issues, from counterterrorism efforts to cyber security.



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