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Is Your Guard Sleeping on the Job?

You put a lot of trust in your security guard, especially if they are protecting your business after hours. Unfortunately, most security companies don’t provide you with any way of knowing where their guard is when you are not around. This can leave your business in a vulnerable position if the guard is sleeping on duty or leaving their post to attend to personal matters.

Our Guards Are Equipped With GuardTrax

If you are paying for the services of an armed guard to keep your business and employees safe, then you deserve to know where your guard is at all times when they are on duty. BOS’ GuardTrax system allows you to know that your guard is at their station when they need to be. Whether you only have a guard on duty at night or you subscribe to 24 hour guard services, your business is only protected if the guard on duty is doing their job and patrolling the areas where you need them.

GuardTrax Increases Efficiency Of Your Security Guards

When your security company provides you with GuardTrax equipped armed guards, you know you are getting strictly controlled and efficient security. Due to the increased accountability provided by the 24/7 monitoring of guards using the Guardtrax system, your business will be safer than ever. You can rest easy knowing the security you paid for is hard at work keeping would-be vandals and thieves away from your property.

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