6 Benefits Security Guards Bring To Your Business

If your business requires some form of security protection for its clients, then you should strongly consider utilizing the services of professionally trained security experts like BOS Security.

The benefits most people consider when taking on security is merchandise or people protection but that’s only looking skin deep.

In this article, we will cover off 6 of the most important benefits that security solutions like BOS Security can provide to your business. It’s a win-win situation for your business and your clients/customers, read further to find out why!

Training & Expertise

Just like the police or fire department the members of BOS Security rely on intensive training and qualifications to ensure your business is protected. BOS Security proudly boasts that all personnel have law enforcement experience and training augmented with a depth of training in property and asset protection, as well as emergency management response, first aid & CPR, crisis management, and communication skills.

Additionally, all armed officers are certified annually to the same marksmanship standards as law enforcement personnel and review agency Use of Deadly Force Policy.

Fast Response Times

Unlike local law enforcement security guards can respond to a situation very quickly, in the example of an aggressive customer in a retail store or mall there’s likely a 15-20-minute wait for police to arrive and diffuse the situation.

With BOS Security on-site you’ll have the benefit of knowing that the guards will be on site right away and deal with the problem before it gets out of hand. This makes life easier for your clients and customers while protecting your assets.

Protection At Any Time

Depending on your business and requirements, it may be beneficial to engage in 24-hour security, be it remotely or with guards on the ground or a combination of both. Certain facilities and premises carry a higher risk of break ins and other crimes at night.

Being able to protect your business at night provides a major peace of mind to your administration and management team. This benefit stretches out to your customers/clients also.

Remote Surveillance

At BOS Security, we don’t just provide the boots on the ground solution for every business. Sometimes you need to take advantage of recent strides in technology of cameras and remote CCTV systems.

With our security needs assessment we’re able to dig into the specific requirement of your business and find the right protection for you and your customers. It’s not always necessary to have security guards stationed within your business or at every door.

Remote security enables us to respond very quickly to security situations arising in your business without the need to flood the premises with armed security guards.

There may be guards present depending on requirements, having the camera operator direct them to situations and using PA systems to ward off potential offenders and this can work just as well as having the traditional boots on the ground approach.

Call us right away on 404-793-6965 for more information on remote guarding.

Saves You Money

Some businesses continue to lose money from theft or criminal activity both internal and external because they feel that the cost of security is too high. This isn’t the case at all.

Aside from protecting your business from costly criminal activity the BOS Security solution is ready to deploy right away. Unlike when you hire a new employee and must train them up and incur expenses, BOS Security is the asset that starts benefiting your business right away.

By conducting the security needs assessment we’re able to tailor a security solution that is cost effective for you as well as provide benefits to your business that your clients and customers won’t want to go without!

Peace Of Mind

For your management and your customers this could be the most important benefit of them all. With BOS Security at your side you can have peace of mind knowing that the best in the business are working to keep your business and assets safe.

As we touched on before, BOS Security training and qualifications are second to none, so when you engage BOS Security as your security services provider you’re getting the best security service provider available.

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