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Customer Service Jobs in Airport Security



Working as a Security Officer at Sioux Falls Regional Airport is a great opportunity for anyone that enjoys customer service.


What do you do on a typical day as a Security Officer in Sioux Falls?

Our Airport Screening Officers guide air passengers through the screening process before their flights.  Screening Officers are critical to the safety of our nation.


The Airport Screener guides the passengers through a process that includes:

  • Passing through a metal detector or other screening of their person
  • An x-ray of their carry-on and checked baggage
  • Potentially searching through a bag
  • Potentially performing a physical pat-down of a passenger to clarify unclear items


Customer Service is Key to a Successful Airport Screener

This may be a passenger’s first flight or maybe they just do not fly very often, so this requires patience and understanding from the screening team as you patiently guide them through the screening process.  This is often stressful, and the passenger may not always understand the reasoning behind what you do, but our Officers handle them with grace, while maintaining the security protocols required to board an aircraft.


What are the two biggest challenges of being an Airport Screener in Sioux Falls?

  1. You will have to perform physical pat-downs on passengers. This involves putting your hands on the person’s body to identify potential unknowns under their clothing.
  2. Telling a passenger that they can’t take something on the aircraft that seems innocent. TSA regulations have strict rules on the quantity of liquids that passengers can carry on aircraft.  These rules are there to protect the flying public, but often people are forced to dispose of likely innocent items including bottled water or cosmetics.  The successful screener has the customer service skills to handle these situations gracefully.


What are the best things about being an Airport Screener in Sioux Falls?

  • Airport Screeners work inside, out of the elements!
  • You get to interact with passengers for whom flying is an adventure or is off to some fun locale.
  • It is a team environment, and you rotate your duties throughout the shift.
  • Cash Rewards for outstanding performance
  • Opportunities to advance


How do I become an Airport Screener in Sioux Falls?

  • You must enjoy working with the public! This is a customer service job.
  • Be aged 18 years or older
  • Pass a stringent criminal background and credit check process
  • Complete the initial (paid!) training as well as continuous education throughout your career.
  • Be dependable – show up to work on time and perform your duties to the best of your ability throughout your shift
  • Demonstrate the ability to work well with the public (yes, we listed that twice!)


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