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Virtual Doorman

Sister properties in urban area of Richmond, VA experienced difficulties managing foot traffic in and out of both buildings. Drug activity was suspected as well

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Student Apartments

At a student apartment complex in Athens, Georgia, a VirtuGuard™ Agent was alerted to the mail room camera at 3:23am after Artificial Intelligence technology was triggered by movement.

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Outdoor Shopping Center

On January 30 at 9:55am, the VirtuGuard™ Command Center received a text message from the onsite BOS Security Officer, alerting them of an issue inside of the Planet Fitness.

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Retail Solutions

A leading developer/owner/operator of retail shopping malls throughout the US and Puerto Rico was seeking to control skyrocketing security costs at a 120,000 square foot multilevel complex in an urban setting without sacrificing safety of shoppers and tenant stores.

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Physical Hazards

Our properties are impacted by environmental factors which can be a substantial risk to our business, including your property, assets, employees, customers, and guests.

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