What I Do Matters: Emoata Abraham

Security Officer Emoata Abraham is passionate about contributing to his community, both in uniform and out of uniform. Officer Abraham has been a commercial security officer with BOS Security for a year after moving to Georgia from New York. This is not his first security job; he spent several years in security before relocating to… Read More »

Security Guard Companies Serving Atlanta

Cost-Saving Security Tactics That Improve Security

    Many venues, large and small, require an almost constant security presence. Having this presence with on-site officers, cameras monitored by remote guards, or combining the two can be a worthwhile investment for many organizations and businesses. Security guards can prevent incidents simply by being present or intervening in unlawful action. Guards help to… Read More »

Security Guard Training: Armed Officers

At BOS Security, our Officers are highly trained to assess and handle any situation they may face while on patrol. Becoming an armed security officer, however, requires more intensive training. To ensure a high quality of service and protection for our clients, BOS Security has its own in-house Training Manager, Bill Hildebrand, who conducts all… Read More »

What I Do Matters: Brenda King

A photo of Transportation Security Officer Brenda King alongside text that reads "My favorite part about working for BOS Security at ROW is having a strong, reliable team to make sure passengers are safe and worry free."

Transportation Security Officer Brenda King makes it her mission to spread joy and happiness wherever she goes. Officer King has been a TSO at Roswell Air Center, ROW, for just over a year. She initially applied in 2020, but the coronavirus delayed the hiring process until 2021. Brenda’s heart has been set on this job… Read More »

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Outdoor Events

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Outdoor Events

Outdoor events can be challenging to control from a security perspective because it can be difficult to maintain the integrity of access to the event site. It may require remote guarding throughout the property and guards stationed at exits and entrances. It varies by location. A stadium event, for example, might be easier to handle… Read More »

Who is Responsible for Managing On-Site Incidents?

Who is Responsible for Managing On-Site Incidents?

Who is responsible for handling on-site incidents is less important than establishing a hierarchy so that someone is responsible. When managing an on-site incident, it is essential to establish a point person who will be responsible for coordinating a response. The best choice will vary depending on your business. It is a decision you must make… Read More »

Security Command Center Hiring Now

Where Are Security Guards Needed?

Remote Guarding Jobs in Georgia  Have you ever wondered what really happens in a command center? It’s likely you are envisioning a dark room mounted with dozens of screens, lights blinking rhythmically and computers beeping occasionally. And that is not far from reality. However, there is much more to working in a command center than… Read More »

Physical Security Risks for Atlanta Businesses

Physical Security Risks for Atlanta Businesses

Raising crime rates in Atlanta mean business owners must be especially vigilant. Discussions of crime issues in the city often center around violent crimes such as shootings, assault and personal property crimes. When these crimes become severe enough to outweigh the quality of life in the city, people who can afford to often choose to relocate.… Read More »

BOS Security Recognizes Hardworking Security Officers

The BOS Security Athens Office is sad to say goodbye to two of our best employees, Creighton “Fred” Arrington, and Chris Davenport. Officers Arrington and Davenport have been reliable, dedicated, and hardworking team players while serving and protecting the Athens-Clarke County community. BOS Security Vice President Carter Greene had praises to sing about the officers.… Read More »

BOS Security Recognized as Associate Member of the IFCPP

BOS Security is proud to be recognized as an Associate Member of the International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection. The IFCPP is a nonprofit organization that trains and supports professionals who protect and manage cultural, educational, and public institutions around the world. As a member of IFCPP, BOS Security can access training, support, and certification… Read More »

What I Do Matters: Davian Lee

  Transportation Security Officer Davian Lee is always rooting for his team, whether he is cheering on the Cowboys, his favorite football team, or supporting his TSA team at Tupelo Regional Airport. Before being hired as a TSO with BOS Security, Davian had no security background but lets his customer service skills shine. After a year… Read More »

How to React During an Emergency Situation

How to React During an Emergency Situation

Whether it’s a natural disaster, a health emergency, or a threat in a public setting, here are tips on how best to react and safely “resolve” the emergency as much as possible. In any crisis, cool heads prevail. As difficult as it may be to stay calm, it gives you time to think and puts… Read More »

How to Be More Aware of Your Surroundings

How to Be More Aware of Your Surroundings

Whether there’s an active threat of violence or not, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. Recognizing when you may be in danger begins with situational awareness. Knowing what “normal” looks like is critical to noticing when something is just not right. Here’s how to improve your situational awareness and why it’s essential.  … Read More »

What I Do Matters: Creighton “Fred” Arrington

Creighton “Fred” Arrington believes in extending kindness and empathy to his community both in uniform and out of uniform. Fred began working as an Unarmed Security Officer for BOS Security about a year ago while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and minor in Sociology. When asked to be featured in this series, Fred insisted… Read More »

Maintaining Public Safety During Annual Events in Atlanta

Maintaining Public Safety During Annual Events in Atlanta

Summer is a busy time for any city. The greater Atlanta area is no exception. Warm weather and more hours of sunlight bring a return of annual community events like festivals and fairs, farmer’s markets, and other outdoor activities – not to mention high-profile events like the Truist Atlanta Open Tennis Finals and PGA Tour… Read More »

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