Enhance Your Building’s Access Control With Video Surveillance

Enhance Your Building's Access Control With Video Surveillance

Many people regard control as a guard with a friendly face sitting at the front desk checking IDs and signing in guests. While this can certainly be part of your access control solution, in most cases, it’s not adequate on its own. For many companies, adding video surveillance is the solution. There are three types… Read More »

Quality Over Quantity. That’s the BOS Difference!

Quality Over Quantity. That's the BOS Difference!

In recent news, security company Allied Universal competitor SecurAmerica. Combining these two very large firms creates a massive corporation. Decisions like these typically deliver more value to shareholders than to customers and employees.   Why BOS Security? When you work with a firm like BOS, a locally owned and operated security guard company, you deal… Read More »

BOS Security Facilitates Safety Course for Local Church

BOS Security Facilitates Safety Course for Local Church

Churches have increasingly become a target of attacks. Many people are present on a consistent public schedule for a predictable amount of time when attendees typically have their guard down. This leaves them vulnerable to everything from theft to hate crimes to terrorist attacks. Recently BOS Security trained a local church security group on use-of-force,… Read More »

Customer Service Jobs in Airport Security

    Working as a Security Officer at Sioux Falls Regional Airport is a great opportunity for anyone that enjoys customer service.   What do you do on a typical day as a Security Officer in Sioux Falls? Our Airport Screening Officers guide air passengers through the screening process before their flights.  Screening Officers are… Read More »

Why a Robust Security Plan is Appealing to Prospective Building Tenants

Why a Robust Security Plan is Appealing to Prospective Building Tenants

Building tenants can have high expectations and with good reason. Rent can be one of the largest expenses for a business. When considering tenancy, they will typically consider square footage, location, and condition of a property, but when it’s time to narrow down among similar properties, a robust security system can give building owners a… Read More »

What does a Security Officer do?

Security Officers for BOS Security can work in a variety of Atlanta businesses.  These could include Class A office buildings, banks, manufacturing facilities, apartment complexes, gated residential communities, or consulates of foreign nations. Security Officers must enjoy and work well with the public.  The security guard is the public face of our clients and our… Read More »

Can Your Tax Refund Help Pay For Security Services?

Can Your Tax Refund Help Pay For Security Services?

While most businesses try not to overpay estimated taxes throughout the year, they sometimes end up entitled to a refund and they are certainly not letting it go to waste. If you received such a windfall or have other discretionary funds, putting them toward boasting security is a smart way to use them. BOS Security… Read More »

BOS Security Insights: 2020 Officer Training Report

BOS Security Insights: 2020 Officer Training Report

Hiring exceptional security guards is essential, but it’s only part of the equation in building and maintaining a top-notch security staff. Ongoing training is critical. Security professions need to keep their skills sharp and prepare for new dangers that arise. At BOS Security, we make training a top priority including firearms training, defensive driver courses,… Read More »

What I Do Matters: Officers J. & E. Hilton

Atlanta, GA

  “On behalf of the Mayor and Commission of Athens-Clarke County, we want to recognize both of you for your bravery and heroic actions you took to save a young man’s life…. You both should be applauded for your actions in boldly saving the life of another without reservation or hesitation. Please accept our heartfelt… Read More »

Preparing A Security Plan for Class A Buildings

Preparing A Security Plan for Class A Buildings

Preparing A Security Plan for Your Class A Building: The Complete Guide While no one likes to think about it, the statistical reality is that any Class A Building, given the prestigiousness of its tenant companies and its higher building populations, will experience security incidents. The more people who occupy the building, the greater the probability… Read More »

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