10 Steps to Better Preparedness for Atlanta Businesses

While we don’t face devastating hurricanes like some areas of the country, Atlanta still faces its share of hazards that can impact business operations.  With thanks to the American Red Cross, here are ten steps you can take to mitigate hazards and reduce the damage to your business caused by severe weather. Be Active in… Read More »

Access/Egress Control (Part 4): Lock and Key Control

  Atlanta, GA – The Security Department is normally responsibility for control of locks, keys and access cards.  As such, this is an important duty of the security guard and there should be an effective program for the control and accountability of these items, such as: • A cabinet/container to hold all keys, or access… Read More »

Controlling Access/Egress (Part 3): Vehicle Control

  Atlanta, GA – Controlling traffic in and around your facility may be of importance. If so, there are usually two priorities – prevent traffic congestion and deter criminal activity in parking areas. This involves directing traffic into authorized parking areas and/or locating and reporting illegally parked vehicles. You may be required to wear and… Read More »

Controlling Access/Egress (Part 2): Property Control

Atlanta, GA – Just as personnel are required to meet security requirements for access/egress of a client facility, the same applies to property being brought in or taken out. An effective property control program will prevent theft, sabotage, and other possible criminal activity. All facilities should have signage posted at entrances making personnel aware that… Read More »

Security Guard Duties – Controlling Access and Egress (Part 1)

Security Guard Duties - Controlling Access and Egress (Part 1)

Atlanta, GA – This is the first of a four-part series on Physical Security Measures for Atlanta companies. Week 1 – Why Control Access & Egress and Personnel Control Week 2 – Property Control Week 3 – Vehicle Control Week 4 – Lock & Key Control A key duty of a security guard is to… Read More »

Carmack Attends ASIS International Conference

Atlanta, GA – BOS Security President Nathan Carmack recently attended the 59th Annual  seminar and exhibits of the American Association of Industrial Security in Chicago in September. The ASIS organization is the world’s largest professional association of security professionals. Over 20,000 attended the event at the McCormick Center in Chicago.  Professional seminars covered over 220… Read More »

Tips to Avoid Being a Victim of Crime in Atlanta

Atlanta, GA – The Atlanta metro area suffers a high incidence of auto break ins and theft.  Security guards can only provide a degree of protection and deterrence, but each citizen must help in reducing these thefts. Most entering auto thefts are crimes of opportunity through unlocked doors and open windows.  Keep these safety tips… Read More »

How to Choose a Contract Security Firm

Atlanta, GA – The selection of a contract security firm is of critical importance to every business.  This company and its security guards are often the front-line representative of your organization when visitors come onto your property for any reason.  How they interact with your customers and visitors can have a tremendous impact on their… Read More »

Atlanta Is A Hub For Human Trafficking

Atlanta, GA – According to the FBI, Atlanta is a hub for human trafficking — where sex or labor is forced.  This is an issue across all of metro Atlanta, not just in the city. In a Gwinnett County suburb, a woman was convicted of beating two women and making them work without pay.  One… Read More »

Creating Effective Security for Corporate Office Buildings

Atlanta, GA – Maintaining security above the first floor of a large, multiple-story office building can be a nightmare for Security Managers or building managers.  Access control measures are the first and best line of defense for security because those floors above become a maze filled with hiding places for criminals to avoid detection by… Read More »

Advantages of Using Contract vs. In-house Security Guards

Atlanta, GA – The question of hiring an outside guard services firm or forming your own internal security department has bewildered managers for decades.  The growth of the private guard services industry indicates that more companies are choosing to go the contract route.  What are the benefits of hiring outside guard services? #1 Reason –… Read More »

Visitor Access Control for Atlanta Businesses

Atlanta, GA – A recent study showed 42% of businesses do not have entrance security for protection of their employees and visitors. Local Atlanta companies do not appear to differ significantly in the percent offering protection. With the ever increasing situations where drugs, domestic revenge, or the disturbed individual with a weapon is becoming possible… Read More »

Remembering our Heroes

Atlanta, GA – September 11, 2001 was a day that forever changed our nation.  The American Spirit was not broken, but made stronger instead.  Time has passed, but we all still remember the heroes who lost their lives in the crashes as well as the heroic first-responders.  Soldier heroes have fought since that day to… Read More »

BOS Supports VA efforts to end veteran homelessness

Atlanta, GA – BOS Security is proud to support the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs to end veteran homelessness. As front line first responders, the Security Officer is often confronted with the homeless either disrupting business activities or seeking shelter on protected property. The VA has established the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans. The… Read More »

It’s midnight…do you know where your security guard is?

Your investment in a security guard deserves a fair return on your investment. The bargain price offered by a security company may be a waste of your valuable assets if the guard provided does not provide the protection you need and the value you thought you were purchasing. BOS Security encourages all of our customers… Read More »

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