Why Security is a Great Job Opportunity for Military Spouses

Why Security is a Great Job Opportunity for Military Spouses

As a military spouse, you may have a high-security clearance because of your proximity to sensitive information. You adapt quickly, take on a great deal of responsibility, and have gained experience and many essential skills that can give you a leg up on other candidates seeking security officer jobs. You understand the importance of discretion… Read More »

VirtuGuard™ Interactive Remote Guarding Catches Trespassers on Construction Site

Early on the morning of Friday September 9, VirtuGuard™ Command Center Monitoring Agent Rodney Cornelius was alerted to suspicious activity picked up on security cameras at a construction site. The construction site, near downtown Athens and the University of Georgia campus, is equipped with security cameras that are monitored at the BOS Security VirtuGuard™ Command… Read More »

What I Do Matters: Tanya Falcon

Tanya Falcon is a nurturer at heart, offering protection and support as an on-site security officer at the Presbyterian Village Senior Living Community in Athens, Georgia. Officer Falcon is very fond of the residents, taking the time to get to know them personally, offering a listening ear, or just putting together a puzzle with them… Read More »

Transitional Jobs for Veterans

Transitional Jobs for Veterans

Ready to begin your civilian life after leaving the service? Not sure what options are available to you? As a military veteran, you have many skills that will transfer quickly to civilian jobs and are in great demand with employers. In the service, you become accustomed to working alongside people from various backgrounds and can… Read More »

BOS Security Introduces New Approach to Hiring

Is Security a Good Job for Retirees?

Finding the right talent or security job opportunity often comes down to fit. Does the job offer the pay, development opportunities, company culture, and benefits you want? Does the candidate have the skills, experience, job ethic, and cultural add you need for your team? What if there were a way to predict whether a job… Read More »

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Parking Services

Parking lots can be difficult to fully monitor. Often covering a large area, parking lots have people and vehicles coming and going at all hours, making it nearly impossible for a human guard to monitor sufficiently. With BOS Security’s virtual guarding service, VirtuGuard™, remote security officers will monitor your cameras from our location 24/7/365.   While… Read More »

BOS Security Officer Saves Athens Transit Driver After Heart Attack

BOS Security Officer Saves Athens Transit Driver After Heart Attack  BOS Security Officer David George was not expecting to save someone’s life when clocking into his regular post at the Athens Multi-Modal Transit Center at 5:40 Tuesday morning, August 30. When a bus driver began having a heart attack as passengers were loading, Officer George’s… Read More »

What Is ESRM?

Enterprise Security Risk Management Cycle

What is ESRM (Enterprise Security Risk Management)? Enterprise Security Risk Management, ESRM, is an approach to security management that focuses on the partnership between business owners and security professionals. In this approach, asset owners are responsible for the risks and making decisions to manage them. Rather than being viewed as a separate authoritative entity, the… Read More »

A Day in the Life of a Transportation Security Officer

A female Transportation Security Officer operates security technology at Tupelo Regional Airport.

Transportation Security Officers are tasked with protecting flyers who come through over 450 airports in the United States. Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Transportation Security Administration was created to improve and consolidate airport security in the United States.   BOS Security staffs Transportation Security Officers currently at Tupelo Regional Airport in Mississippi and Roswell Air… Read More »

Church Security Training

Church Security Training

Why Should You Invest In Church Security Training? Attacks on churches or other houses of worship are not common, but they do happen, and it’s disturbing and heartbreaking when it does. Worshippers tend to have their guard down because they believe they are in a safe space. Some attendees, such as children or the elderly,… Read More »

What I Do Matters: Emoata Abraham

Security Officer Emoata Abraham is passionate about contributing to his community, both in uniform and out of uniform. Officer Abraham has been a commercial security officer with BOS Security for a year after moving to Georgia from New York. This is not his first security job; he spent several years in security before relocating to… Read More »

Security Guard Companies Serving Atlanta

Cost-Saving Security Tactics That Improve Security

    Many venues, large and small, require an almost constant security presence. Having this presence with on-site officers, cameras monitored by remote guards, or combining the two can be a worthwhile investment for many organizations and businesses. Security guards can prevent incidents simply by being present or intervening in unlawful action. Guards help to… Read More »

Security Guard Training: Armed Officers

At BOS Security, our Officers are highly trained to assess and handle any situation they may face while on patrol. Becoming an armed security officer, however, requires more intensive training. To ensure a high quality of service and protection for our clients, BOS Security has its own in-house Training Manager, Bill Hildebrand, who conducts all… Read More »

What I Do Matters: Brenda King

A photo of Transportation Security Officer Brenda King alongside text that reads "My favorite part about working for BOS Security at ROW is having a strong, reliable team to make sure passengers are safe and worry free."

Transportation Security Officer Brenda King makes it her mission to spread joy and happiness wherever she goes. Officer King has been a TSO at Roswell Air Center, ROW, for just over a year. She initially applied in 2020, but the coronavirus delayed the hiring process until 2021. Brenda’s heart has been set on this job… Read More »

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Outdoor Events

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Outdoor Events

Outdoor events can be challenging to control from a security perspective because it can be difficult to maintain the integrity of access to the event site. It may require remote guarding throughout the property and guards stationed at exits and entrances. It varies by location. A stadium event, for example, might be easier to handle… Read More »

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