Is Your Guard Sleeping on the Job?

You put a lot of trust in your security guard, especially if they are protecting your business after hours. Unfortunately, most security companies don’t provide you with any way of knowing where their guard is when you are not around. This can leave your business in a vulnerable position if the guard is sleeping on… Read More »

What Benefits Can a Security Officer Provide My Business?

The unfortunate reality is, in some Atlanta neighborhoods theft and other crimes are a major concern for business owners. Are you pondering the idea of hiring a security officer, but you are not sure the benefits will outweigh the costs? Consider these benefits that hiring a security officer can bring to your Atlanta business: Get Your… Read More »

Why You Should Outsource Your Security Guard Position

You have come to the inevitable conclusion that you need a security guard for your business, but you don’t really know the first thing about hiring security employees. Don’t feel bad, most business owners are not versed on how to hire or train security guards, and that is why it is almost always a better idea… Read More »

Vigilance Fatique Diminishes Security Guards Effectiveness

Atlanta, GA – Security guards have always had a concern for long term vigilance fatigue while dealing with the potential for serious threats over time. The vigilance fatigue occurs from a constantly heightened sense of threat while performing security duties. Humans are not designed to work at night and yet there are many jobs, including… Read More »

Kudos to our Eustis TRADOC Team

Lt. General David Halverson recently recognized the BOS Security team at Ft. Eustis for their hard work, professionalism and commitment to the Soldiers, Families, Civilians, and Senior Leadership  of the US Army TRADOC Command.  Site Manager Hodnett was singled out for special recognition of her leadership of the entire guard force. A Job Well Done!… Read More »

Atlanta Security Guard Company Represented at International Meeting

The annual meeting of the International Association of Chiefs of Police ( IACP) was held in Philadelphia this year with over 750 exhibitors and 17,000 attendees from all over the world.  Atlanta based BOS Security President Nathan Carmack attended and participated in educational sessions for administrators. The Newtown school shooting was covered in a confidential… Read More »

Crime Prevention for Churches

Atlanta Churches are more at risk than ever. Houses of Worship are a perfect target for criminals as they are full of unsuspecting and unarmed worshipers who welcome everyone without question. They are often dressed in their best clothes with their best jewelry and furs. Worshipers also often drive their best vehicles filled with electronics… Read More »

10 Steps to Better Preparedness for Atlanta Businesses

While we don’t face devastating hurricanes like some areas of the country, Atlanta still faces its share of hazards that can impact business operations.  With thanks to the American Red Cross, here are ten steps you can take to mitigate hazards and reduce the damage to your business caused by severe weather. Be Active in… Read More »

Access/Egress Control (Part 4): Lock and Key Control

The Security Department is normally responsibility for control of locks, keys and access cards.  As such, this is an important duty of the security guard and there should be an effective program for the control and accountability of these items, such as: • A cabinet/container to hold all keys, or access cards tagged to identify… Read More »

Controlling Access/Egress (Part 3): Vehicle Control

Controlling traffic in and around your facility may be of importance. If so, there are usually two priorities – prevent traffic congestion and deter criminal activity in parking areas. This involves directing traffic into authorized parking areas and/or locating and reporting illegally parked vehicles. You may be required to wear and use specific equipment such… Read More »

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