How Much Does Remote Video Monitoring Cost? 

How Much Does Remote Video Monitoring Cost?

You are researching interactive remote video monitoring for your business, and you’ve probably struggled to find straightforward pricing information. For a service like live surveillance monitoring, the pricing varies for each client and each property, as the services will be customized to their specific needs. Essentially, the answer to your question is that it depends… Read More »

BOS Security Insights: 24/7/365 Security Coverage

BOS Security Insights: 24/7/365 Security Coverage

No matter where your security cameras are located, BOS remote monitoring services have you covered. With VirtuGuard™ remote guarding services, security professionals monitor your network-enabled cameras from our central operations center 24/7/365.   You Place Cameras, We Observe Choose the type and location of cameras that best protect your property, Our team will be there… Read More »

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Healthcare Facilities

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities need to balance security and sensitivity. Everyone wants themselves or their loved ones to feel safe while under medical care, but they don’t want to feel like they are under lock and key. Remote guarding can offer the ideal solution. It is discreet, effective, and economical. Remotely monitored security can protect patients, visitors,… Read More »

Strengthening Your Security Plan: The Power of Remote & On-Site Guarding

There have significant advancements in both the quality and affordability of remote surveillance services and equipment. It’s a wise addition to incorporate into any security plan. Does that mean that cameras are replacement for on-premise guards? Definitely not. The best security strategy is a combination of the two – a symbiotic relationship where each can… Read More »

How to Affordably Secure Your Business 

Keeping your business secure is essential, but it can consume a large chunk of your budget. Whether you wish to monitor your property after hours, have remote locations that make it difficult to hire, or want to extend the reach of your security staff over a large area, hiring security guards can be expensive.  Remote video monitoring… Read More »

Does My Business Need Video Surveillance? 

For most businesses, the answer is yes. Video surveillance is a cost-effective and comprehensive method for protecting large or remote areas or any business after hours. Video is monitored live by highly qualified remote security professionals. For some industries, remote video surveillance is particularly useful.  Automotive dealerships  The auto industry has high-value merchandise that is left… Read More »

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