Not So Pet Friendly Apartment Community?

Not So Pet Friendly Apartment Community?

The choice to make your rental properties pet friendly is one that may have pros for your business, but also one that may pose cons. Offering pet friendly apartments can allow you to charge higher rent and pet fees, increase your tenant pool, increase lease renewals, and make your tenants happier. However, if your units… Read More »

VirtuGuard™ Identifies Vandal in Apartment Community

VirtuGuard™ Identifies Vandal in Apartment Community

In the early morning hours of December 28, 2022, at a student apartment complex in Athens, Georgia, suspicious behavior was captured and deterred by VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring. The security cameras on the property, equipped with Artificial Intelligence technology, were triggered at 3:23 am by a male walking into the mail room. VirtuGuard™ Agent Hunter… Read More »

Is a Courtesy Officer as effective as a Security Guard at my apartment community?

BOS Security Named to Inc. 5000 for 7th Year

  More and more apartment properties are touting “courtesy officers” as an amenity on their property.  It sounds impressive to have a police officer living in your neighborhood.  The presence of that patrol car will scare away criminals, right?   What is a Courtesy Officer? A courtesy officer is a local law enforcement officer that… Read More »

How to Help People Feel Comfortable with an Armed Guard at their Apartment Complex

Many apartment complex owners prefer not to hire armed guards because they do not wish to alarm their residents. Even so, there are times when hiring an armed guard is necessary, which is why you may want to consider some ways to making having one seem less threatening. Professional Dress People automatically become anxious whenever they… Read More »

Maximize Security in Your Apartment Complex with a Security Officer

While hiring a security officer for your apartment complex is a large investment, it is one that will maximize the complex’s security and provide a number of benefits that should not be underestimated. Clear Community Facilities When the nightly curfew comes around for community facilities, a security professional can be there to make sure there is… Read More »

Why Security Guard Patrol Services is a Smart Investment for Residential Communities

Although residential communities are completely capable of keeping an eye on the streets to take preventive action when something suspicious happens, there is little action that can be done when compared to what security guard patrol services can bring to the table. For this reason, these communities will benefit greatly from these services. Keep an Eye… Read More »

Increase Resident Satisfaction by Hiring a Security Guard Company

In a homeowners association, security should be a top priority as every resident benefits from the efforts invested. For instance, living in a fenced and gated community are two important security features, but this can always be added to by hiring a security guard company to be on the grounds at all times. It is especially… Read More »

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