The Importance Of Hiring Professional Security Guards Atlanta

Atlanta is home to many thriving business communities – freight, industrial, financial, retail, and more. In this business environment, the heartbeat of the southeast, it is important to have Security Officers safeguard your business interests. Improper or deficient security for your business can lead to reduced efficiency, rising costs as a result of theft, injury,… Read More »

Why You Should Hire a Security Guard Company as a Commercial Property Owner

As the owner of commercial property that can house several tenants, you want to keep the property well-maintained and do what you can to maximize the lease value. It is crucial to invest in routine maintenance, but you should also consider hiring a security guard company to enjoy security-related benefits. Protect Your Tenants Although a tenant… Read More »

Why Your College Campus Needs Atlanta’s Best Security Guard Company

The typical college dorm isn’t exactly a calm, quiet place. Students who are living away from their parents for the first time don’t always make good choices about their newfound freedom. Underage drinking is a huge problem, which leads to an unsafe situation all around. If your department is in charge of hiring campus guards,… Read More »

Why an Evaluation from Atlanta’s Best Security Guard Company is So Valuable

Whether you think the security for your business is sufficient, a security company has the knowledge, skill, and experience to know if the security is up to par and if it needs improving. Although you may not look forward to hearing the holes in your business’s security, an inspection fromAtlanta’s best security guard company will… Read More »

Protect Your Shopping Center with Atlanta’s Best Security Guard Company Today!

When you have not only multiple stores to monitor as well as the common area between the businesses and the corresponding parking lots, a whole new set of challenges can prevent themselves. You need to make sure you have eyes on every corner of the field to start any crime prevention initiative. According to theBeverly Police Department,… Read More »

Maximize Your Car Dealership’s Security with a Security Guard Company and More

To have a successful car dealership, you cannot be worried about the premise’s security. It is important to handle any security-related concerns immediately as all it takes is a lack of proper security for an individual to decide to vandalize a vehicle, or even worse, attempt to steal one. Getting help from a security guard company… Read More »

How On Site Security Guards Can Be An Asset To Your Company

Most people are aware of the old idiom, “Never judge a book by its cover.” And though most people are aware of it, it doesn’t mean they always follow the advice. This rings especially true with retail consumers. If a customer walks into a strip mall and sees garbage lying on the floor around the garbage… Read More »

Atlanta’s Best Security Guard Company Discusses Contingency Planning

As with most things in life, business security doesn’t always go as planned. You could have a solid plan in place to deal with natural disasters, internal theft, and vandalism only to get blindsided by a hostage situation in your building. It is simply impossible to foresee every possible threat to the security of your… Read More »

Atlanta’s Best Security Guard Company Discusses Security Vulnerabilities in Churches

Most Americans revere church buildings as sacred space. They go there to worship, connect with fellow believers, and serve others in their church and community. Those with no religious affiliation usually respect the rights of their friends and neighbors to follow their own spiritual path. Sadly, there are also people who don’t respect churches any… Read More »

Armed Guard Services in Atlanta: Security With Teeth

Private security is a growing industry. Between alarm systems and closed circuit cameras, security officers and access control there are a huge number of options that individuals and businesses have when it comes to keeping themselves safe. For those looking for guard services in Atlanta though it may be appropriate to consider hiring armed security. When… Read More »

Atlanta’s Best Security Guard Company Discusses the Use of Force

As Atlanta’s best security guard company, we train our guards to resolve situations that have escalated without using force. However, there are times when a security guard must resort to force to protect our clients, their employees, and their customers. Self-protection is also a valid reason for a guard to use force. At BOS Security, we train… Read More »

Three Things Every Business Should Know about Security, Lighting and Protecting Their Property

Atlanta, Georgia- While security lighting is common enough, not all businesses use it to their advantage. As a business owner, you definitely want to increase your customers feelings of safety and security while also protecting your business against crime related activities on your property. Here are three things that you should know about security lighting and… Read More »

Does Your Business Need An Armed Guard?

Atlanta, Georgia -Are you experiencing high levels of theft? Have you recently had to deal with a break in? Do your employees feel unsafe when they are at work? If you are experiencing these or similar issues, then you should consider hiring an armed guard. Your Employees Deserve To Feel Safe If your employees feel unsafe… Read More »

Reliable Guard Services In Atlanta Protect Your Business

As a business leader in the Atlanta area, you understand that preventing problems is exponentially less costly than reacting to problems. You backup critical data offsite to ensure smooth operations in the event of a natural disaster.  You hire industry experts to ensure your business plan is well aligned with industry trends for upcoming years.… Read More »

Access Control Tips For Atlanta Businesses

Atlanta Georgia – Business owners and facilities managers are constantly balancing two factors with their building:  life safety, and access control. Life Safety requirements ensure your building provides a quick, functional, and clearly-marked means of egress to ensure everyone can evacuate during an emergency.  Life safety factors are documented clearly and inspected regularly by local… Read More »

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