Who is Responsible for Managing On-Site Incidents?

Who is Responsible for Managing On-Site Incidents?

Who is responsible for handling on-site incidents is less important than establishing a hierarchy so that someone is responsible. When managing an on-site incident, it is essential to establish a point person who will be responsible for coordinating a response. The best choice will vary depending on your business. It is a decision you must make… Read More »

How Many Security Officers Do I Need To Hire?

How Many Security Officers Do I Need To Hire?

Security officers are an essential part of keeping your property safe. They can prevent vandalism and other damage as well as theft and threats to personal safety. Combined with alarms, locks, fences, and security cameras, they make an effective security solution. The question is, how many security officers do you need to hire for optimal… Read More »

What is Commercial Theft?

Commercial property includes everything that is not residential property or government owns. Stores, businesses, parking lots, or event spaces are all examples of properties that could potentially experience commercial theft. Different types of property can vary in the specific risk factors they face.  Retail Stores  It can be difficult to keep people with bad intent out of retail establishments while also welcoming customers. As popular as profiling has… Read More »

Your Employees Should Absolutely Be Included in Your Security Plan​ 

A successful security plan involves much more than security officers and equipment. Employees can also play a significant role in keeping people, property, and data safe. Train them to make a difference to security without interfering with the role of the professionals whose job it is to keep them safe.     Employees are your first line of defense  From keeping their eyes and ears open… Read More »

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