What I Do Matters: Brenda King

A photo of Transportation Security Officer Brenda King alongside text that reads "My favorite part about working for BOS Security at ROW is having a strong, reliable team to make sure passengers are safe and worry free."

Transportation Security Officer Brenda King makes it her mission to spread joy and happiness wherever she goes. Officer King has been a TSO at Roswell Air Center, ROW, for just over a year. She initially applied in 2020, but the coronavirus delayed the hiring process until 2021. Brenda’s heart has been set on this job… Read More »

BOS Security Recognizes Hardworking Security Officers

The BOS Security Athens Office is sad to say goodbye to two of our best employees, Creighton “Fred” Arrington, and Chris Davenport. Officers Arrington and Davenport have been reliable, dedicated, and hardworking team players while serving and protecting the Athens-Clarke County community. BOS Security Vice President Carter Greene had praises to sing about the officers.… Read More »

BOS Security Recognized as Associate Member of the IFCPP

BOS Security is proud to be recognized as an Associate Member of the International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection. The IFCPP is a nonprofit organization that trains and supports professionals who protect and manage cultural, educational, and public institutions around the world. As a member of IFCPP, BOS Security can access training, support, and certification… Read More »

BOS Security Named to 2022 Bulldog 100

BOS Security Named to 2022 Bulldog 100

BOS Security is proud to have been ranked #74 in the 2022 Bulldog 100 awards. This award celebrates the top 100 fastest-growing organizations owned or operated by University of Georgia alumni. BOS Security’s President, Mr. Nat Carmack, earned his B.B.A. in finance from the University of Georgia.   The alumni recognized in the Bulldog 100… Read More »

Security Technology: Access Control Management Systems

Security System Access Control Management

Controlling access to your home, business or church is one of the best ways to protect them and get peace of mind in the process. Access control is a security method that sets a limit on who may enter a facility, but it also regulates who is allowed to view or use information on computers.… Read More »

Why BOS Security Ensures Your Safety

Much like the sign that keeps people away from dangerous areas at the beach, BOS Security wants to ensure your safety by deterring potential security risks. Though we’re based in Atlanta, Georgia, we’re more than just a local security guard service. However, we still put that hometown focus on everything we do. It’s our goal… Read More »

What Makes A Security Service Provider A Good Candidate For Your Security Needs

Security Service Provider

A quick Google search for “security service provider” yields over 12 million results. No one has the time or energy to sort through that many possibilities. So how do you know if a provider is a good candidate for your needs? Luckily, it’s easier than you might think to narrow down your choices. Every security… Read More »

Top 5 Reasons To Hire BOS Security For Your Property’s Safety

Property Safety

What are your current security measures for keeping your property safe? Do you have any guards or remotely monitored surveillance cameras? Without proper security, your property could be at risk. Whether it’s a business, gated community, parking lot or any other property, you need trained security to keep it safer. The answer to your security… Read More »

The Benefits Of Securing Your Business With BOS


If you’ve never considered security beyond cameras, it might be time to re-think your security strategy. Rising security incidents mean you might need a partner to help reduce problems and provide a stronger layer of security than surveillance alone. Our Atlanta based security company is here to meet the needs of a wide variety of… Read More »

Putting Your Customers First – Why BOS Security Is The Best

BOS Security

Private security is on the rise and it’s all because every business has unique security needs. With security firms, businesses are able to hire just the security they needs to ensure their customers and business are kept safe. With thousands of security companies to choose from, you might find it hard to choose. Before you… Read More »

5 Security Measures You Can Take To Protect Your Rural Airport

Just because your airport is small or rural doesn’t mean it won’t attract the kind of security hazards and threats that are commonly seen at larger airports. The fact is that smuggling operations can focus on smaller airports. Flying under the radar so to speak. That doesn’t mean smaller or regional airports need the same… Read More »

Airport Security Services Examined

Airport Security is often seen as playing a pivotal role in keeping passengers, crew and airport staff safe. By enabling the smooth transfer of thousands of passengers and their luggage everyday Airport Security services really provide an essential service today. Why Is There So Much Security? Since the 1970’s terrorists and militant groups have been… Read More »

Pivotal Roles Played By Airport Security

There’s too many important roles to list in this update, there is however no doubt that airport security plays a pivotal role in keeping us safe. It enables safe transfer of people and belongings to the places they need to be, they also help transport important air cargo around the country safely and hopefully on… Read More »

Why Cutting Back On Security Services Is A False Economy

It’s fair to say that for most firms cutting back on the costs of their business is a common thing your administration needs to look at. But what happens when you take a chunk out of the services that cost protect your business? There’s A Negative Impact In The Long Run Many firms who have… Read More »

Crisis Certainty – Crisis Training For Airport Security Services

A crisis can occur at any facility, although airports are perhaps the most important piece of public infrastructure there is anywhere in the world. Linking families and friends, businesses and opportunities, the airport is a magnet for security risks of all sorts, be it from terrorism or drug smugglers all the way down to irate… Read More »

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