Consider Guard Services in Atlanta during the Holiday Season

Although the holiday season may be a ways away, you can start preparing early to make sure you do not get stuck in a situation where you have to settle for something less than you initially desired. If you want to maximize the protection of your business during the most profitable, important, and busy time… Read More »

Establish and Maintain a Security Lighting System with Guard Services in Atlanta

Protecting your business is crucial to keep your employees and customers safe, but it is also important to keep valuable equipment or assets from being vandalized, tampered with, or stolen. Taking advantage of multiple security measures is the most reliable method to ensure your business is well-secured. Investing in a security lighting system with assistance… Read More »

Utilize Guard Services in Atlanta in Uniform and Plainclothes for Maximum Protection

In a large retail setting, security is essential, not just for protecting your merchandise, but to make customers and employees feel better about being in the building. If you are looking to maximize protection, you should consider guard services in Atlanta with both uniform and plainclothes. Uniforms Provide Comfort to Customers Uniformed security guards are important… Read More »

Why You Need Professional Guard Services in Atlanta for Your Sporting Event

Your team doesn’t have to be the Atlanta Braves or Falcons to attract a large crowd. There is the potential for problems anytime you have a large group of people together celebrating a team’s victory or agonizing over its defeat. When you add alcohol into the mix, things can get even more out of control.… Read More »

How Atlanta’s Best Security Guard Company Helps Protect People and Assets

Securing a multi-floored office building has unique challenges that Atlanta’s best security guard company understands well. At BOS Security, we know that there are two separate, yet equally important, areas of office security. It is crucial to work with a security company that has the skills and resources to implement both. Physical Protection The term physical protection… Read More »

Guard Services in Atlanta Aren’t Just for Businesses

Most people encounter guards in business settings, and this can make it easy to forget that guards are useful in many other situations. Organizers of large public events, church operators, and neighborhoods all can use security guards to help keep things orderly and prevent crime. Here are a few of the situations in which you… Read More »

Will A Security Guard Prevent More Crime Than Police?

When it comes to dealing with crime most people will turn to the police. If there’s been a robbery, a murder, a car theft, or any of a hundred other crimes the first thing someone will do is call the police. It’s important to remember though that the police are between 2 and 5 minutes… Read More »

Is Your Guard Sleeping on the Job?

You put a lot of trust in your security guard, especially if they are protecting your business after hours. Unfortunately, most security companies don’t provide you with any way of knowing where their guard is when you are not around. This can leave your business in a vulnerable position if the guard is sleeping on… Read More »

Security Guard Duties – Controlling Access and Egress (Part 1)

Atlanta, GA – This is the first of a four part series on Physical Security Measures for Atlanta companies. Week 1 – Why Control Access & Egress and Personnel Control Week 2 – Property Control Week 3 – Vehicle Control Week 4 – Lock & Key Control A key duty of a security guard is… Read More »

Carmack Attends ASIS International Conference

Atlanta, GA – BOS Security President Nathan Carmack recently attended the 59th Annual  seminar and exhibits of the American Association of Industrial Security in Chicago in September. The ASIS organization is the world’s largest professional association of security professionals. Over 20,000 attended the event at the McCormick Center in Chicago.  Professional seminars covered over 220… Read More »

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