Where Are Security Guards Needed?

Where Are Security Guards Needed?

You might be surprised how many types of venues can use a security presence. On-site officers, cameras monitored by remote guards, or a combination of the two can be a worthwhile investment. Security guards can prevent incidents or quickly respond to them. Guards can protect the people who live or work on your property, your… Read More »

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Healthcare Facilities

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities need to balance security and sensitivity. Everyone wants themselves or their loved ones to feel safe while under medical care, but they don’t want to feel like they are under lock and key. Remote guarding can offer the ideal solution. It is discreet, effective, and economical. Remotely monitored security can protect patients, visitors,… Read More »

How to Improve Security in Hospitals

Hospital patients are at their most vulnerable during their stays. But they are not the only ones at risk. Visitors and staff must also be protected 24/7/365. The following hospital safety best practices can help. Consider threats from patients Patients are an often-forgotten risk, but they can present a safety hazard to nurses, doctors and… Read More »

Special Considerations When Hiring Guards For Your Hospital

Guards for Your Atlanta Hospital

Hiring guards for your hospital isn’t quite as simple as hiring them for a retail business. However, it is a necessity. While there is debate as to whether they should be armed or not, hospital violence is on the rise, which makes security important. Before hiring just anyone, it’s vital to understand the special considerations… Read More »

8 Ways To Make Hospitals More Secure

Make Hospitals More Secure

Hospitals are some of the busiest places, which also makes them incredibly dangerous without the right security measures. Hospital administrators are always looking for ways to make hospitals more secure for staff and patients. By implementing multiple security measures, it’s easier to ensure everyone stays safer. In a place where most people are focused on… Read More »

Hospital Security – Patient Safety Tips

Hospital Security

Hospital security involves keeping patients and personnel safe. While security guards don’t actually treat patients, they often interact with them. It’s important to use guards that are trained to work in the healthcare industry. This unique environment requires exceptional people skills and empathy towards patients. While they do patrol inside and outside the hospital, there… Read More »

Why You Need a Security Guard Company for Your Hospital or Medical Clinic

When patients visit your medical clinic or hospital, they should only have to think about their own health concern and not security issues. This is a sign of a facility that has hired a good security guard company. While no one likes to think of things that might happen, the reality is that healthcare facilities face… Read More »

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