Armed Robbery Stopped by Remote Video Monitoring

Armed Robbery Stopped by Remote Video Monitoring

Outdoor assets and parking lots can be particularly difficult to secure, especially outside of business hours. You can hire 24/7 physical guards, but there are limitations to their view and ability to intervene safely in dangerous situations. After thirty years of experience in providing physical guard services, BOS Security introduced our remote video monitoring solution,… Read More »

The Hot Dog Caper: College Prank or Parking Deck Vandalism?

At 12:48 on the morning of September 30, BOS Security VirtuGuard™ Agent Hunter White was making a virtual guard patrol of the College Avenue Parking Deck near downtown Athens, when he noticed suspicious activity.  There were two young females standing around a black BMW and a third suspect sitting a parked vehicle two spaces away… Read More »

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Parking Services

Parking lots can be difficult to fully monitor. Often covering a large area, parking lots have people and vehicles coming and going at all hours, making it nearly impossible for a human guard to monitor sufficiently. With BOS Security’s virtual guarding service, VirtuGuard™, remote security officers will monitor your cameras from our location 24/7/365.   While… Read More »

Better Parking Lot Security Begins with Blind Spots

Better Parking Lot Security Begins with Blind Spots

Parking lots are among the most neglected security hotspots. Commonly, security is focused on preventing intruders from entering your building, but with a well-monitored parking lot, you can stop them before they get to the door. The difficulty is that parking lots can cover a large area, sometimes acres in the case of larger businesses.… Read More »

Company Parking Lot Improvements With Remote Guarding

Company Parking Lot

When it comes to company security, one area is often overlooked – the parking area. Company parking lots are even more vulnerable to security threats than the interior of your business. After all, they’re typically easy to access and offer plenty of potential targets. With a few improvements to your parking area along with remote… Read More »

Give Your Guests Peace Of Mind

Guests Peace of Mind

Your guests always deserve peace of mind and security helps give them that. Whether it’s visitors at a hospital, guests at a hotel or even guests visiting your business, it’s up to you to ensure their security is a top priority. In fact, it could be a deciding factor in what makes them return. Put your… Read More »

Why Your Employees Deserve Peace Of Mind

One of the most important reasons to have security guards for your business is to provide peace of mind to employees. Your employees face numerous dangers every day, even if they don’t realize it. From a disgruntled ex-employee coming back in to someone lurking in the parking lot, workplaces aren’t always safe. Constantly worrying about… Read More »

Property Protection – What You Can Do To Protect Your Business

Property Protection

While you’re busy running your business, who’s protecting your property? Businesses need property protection to ensure someone always has their back. Security services do more than just protect employees and reduce theft, they also work to protect the actual property as well, such as preventing vandalism. Even when you can’t be there, security guards can… Read More »

Consider a Full-Time Security Guard to Promote a Safer Workplace and Business

With most businesses, security is not that much of a concern for the majority of operational hours. However, it is the small instances in which you need professional assistance that makes having a full-time security guard beneficial. Finding room in your budget to have a security guard can give you a safer workplace and business.… Read More »

Establish and Maintain a Security Lighting System with Guard Services in Atlanta

Protecting your business is crucial to keep your employees and customers safe, but it is also important to keep valuable equipment or assets from being vandalized, tampered with, or stolen. Taking advantage of multiple security measures is the most reliable method to ensure your business is well-secured. Investing in a security lighting system with assistance… Read More »

Maintain a Safe Parking Lot with Security Guard Services in Atlanta

If your business has a large parking lot that is used by both employees and customers on a regular basis, especially throughout the night, you should consider security guard services in Atlanta. Take Action with Illegally Parked Vehicles A security guard will learn everything they need to know about the parking lot, including where people are… Read More »

Protect Your Shopping Center with Atlanta’s Best Security Guard Company Today!

When you have not only multiple stores to monitor as well as the common area between the businesses and the corresponding parking lots, a whole new set of challenges can prevent themselves. You need to make sure you have eyes on every corner of the field to start any crime prevention initiative. According to theBeverly Police Department,… Read More »

Small Business Owners Should Incorporate Security Guards Too

According to Brandon Welsh, David Farrington, and Sean O’Dell in Effectiveness of Public Area Surveillance for Crime Prevention, just a security guard’s presence is enough to deter crime in some of the worst neighborhoods in the United States. Crime rates will decrease around your business even if the security guard is unarmed. This is extremely important… Read More »

Three Things Every Business Should Know about Security, Lighting and Protecting Their Property

Atlanta, Georgia- While security lighting is common enough, not all businesses use it to their advantage. As a business owner, you definitely want to increase your customers feelings of safety and security while also protecting your business against crime related activities on your property. Here are three things that you should know about security lighting and… Read More »

Parking Lot Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

Atlanta, GA – We’ve all been there, you are out at night and find yourself having to navigate to your vehicle through a dark parking lot. Then suddenly you get a sinking feeling.  Is someone following you or perhaps you can’t see any signs of danger, but you just have a gut feeling.  Do you… Read More »

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