BOS Security Recognized as Associate Member of the IFCPP

BOS Security is proud to be recognized as an Associate Member of the International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection. The IFCPP is a nonprofit organization that trains and supports professionals who protect and manage cultural, educational, and public institutions around the world. As a member of IFCPP, BOS Security can access training, support, and certification… Read More »

5 Attributes That Could Help Your Security Career

As a security professional, there are certain personal attributes that will benefit you greatly in your security career. An effective Security Officer is honest, alert, physically fit, good at interacting with people, and possesses the ability to tailor their protection to the needs of the client. At BOS Security many of our security officers are current or… Read More »

What Tests Do You Need To Complete To Get Your Security Guard License

Laws and rules regarding licensing for security guards vary considerably by state. Requirements often also depend on the needs of the client, duties of the post, and company that employs the security guards. It is important to pay attention to things like training, testing, and background, however, when considering what type of security to use at… Read More »

Professional Security Means Better Customer Service

A professional Security Officer can bring many advantages to a company, and some of those advantages are not as obvious as you might think. Everyone knows that a Security Officer is there to protect the people, property, and business they serve. But a Security Officer should also serve as a helpful aid and center of… Read More »

Malls In Atlanta To Increase Their Security

Prompted by the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris last year, malls in the Atlanta area have stepped up their security measures. According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, eight malls owned by mall giant Simon Property Group have been heightening security. This process started last November, in preparation for the busy holiday season, and presumably continues. Simon Property Group… Read More »

7 Business Results You Will Achieve By Using A Security Service

There are myriad reasons why hiring security professionals will help your business succeed. The most significant benefits that professional security can bring to a business are the reduction of risk, increased effectiveness in the workplace, protection of business assets, reduction of operational costs, fulfilling your duty to provide a safe and secure work environment, giving you… Read More »

Why Regular Security Assessments Are Important

Regular security assessments are an important part of any business owner’s annual routine. Depending on the type of business and the business’ location, the security professionals at BOS Security recommend every business concerned with security undergo a full security assessment at least once per year. As your business expands, adds more properties or inventory, hires new… Read More »

What Goes On Behind The Scenes Of A Public Event In Atlanta

An important part of any public event is security. Depending on what the event is, the exact security strategy can vary considerably. A very useful tool to utilize before any event is a security assessment. BOS Security is fully prepared and equipped to make a full security assessment before any event. A few things for the… Read More »

A Secure Facility Means A Successful Business

There are many reasons why professional and effective security services are crucial to a successful business. A few of the reasons we’ll explore in this post are: creating a safe and comfortable environment for employees and customers, safeguarding investments like commercial real estate or inventory, and to assure insurance companies and business partners you’re doing… Read More »

Reasons Why No Machine Can Replace A Security Officer

There are a lot of options for security systems thanks to advances in technology. Tiny wireless cameras that can be viewed from mobile devices are now something every store can afford instead of those with the budget of a Bond villain, and biometric security locks have become quite common. With all of the gadgets it’s… Read More »

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