Not So Pet Friendly Apartment Community?

Not So Pet Friendly Apartment Community?

The choice to make your rental properties pet friendly is one that may have pros for your business, but also one that may pose cons. Offering pet friendly apartments can allow you to charge higher rent and pet fees, increase your tenant pool, increase lease renewals, and make your tenants happier. However, if your units… Read More »

BOS Security Introduces New Golf Cart Training for Officers

BOS Security specializes in residential security for communities in the Southeast United States. BOS Security experts work directly with these communities to customize and enforce a security plan that suites the needs of the management, residents, and visitors.   Our in-house training manager works closely with each officer to ensure they have the proper training and… Read More »

Why a Remote Guarding Service Can Benefit Your HOA

Why a Remote Guarding Service Can Benefit Your HOA

While security is typically not discussed under most HOA agreements, a remote guarding solution can make your home development more attractive to potential residents. After all, the purpose of an HOA is to have an appealing place to live and confidence that the property you have invested in will retain its value. Remote security can… Read More »

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