How Can Remote Guarding Officers Secure My Business?

The Future of Virtual Guarding: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Security Services

Protecting your assets and property is essential to your business. Traditional security measures such as on-site guards, alarm systems, and security cameras offer valuable protection, but remote guarding officers can take your security to the next level. Remote guards can provide businesses with cost-effective and efficient security. They work remotely, monitoring your property from a… Read More »

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Christmas Tree Farms

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Christmas Tree Farms

Protecting a Christmas tree farm can be prohibitively expensive. These farms typically cover a large and expansive area – often in a remote location. It could take dozens of guards to protect such a large and valuable business adequately. For most people, that’s simply not feasible. Not to mention, depending on the size of the… Read More »

Why Security is a Great Job Opportunity for Military Spouses

Why Security is a Great Job Opportunity for Military Spouses

As a military spouse, you may have a high-security clearance because of your proximity to sensitive information. You adapt quickly, take on a great deal of responsibility, and have gained experience and many essential skills that can give you a leg up on other candidates seeking security officer jobs. You understand the importance of discretion… Read More »

VirtuGuard™ Interactive Remote Guarding Catches Trespassers on Construction Site

Early on the morning of Friday September 9, VirtuGuard™ Command Center Monitoring Agent Rodney Cornelius was alerted to suspicious activity picked up on security cameras at a construction site. The construction site, near downtown Athens and the University of Georgia campus, is equipped with security cameras that are monitored at the BOS Security VirtuGuard™ Command… Read More »

Security Command Center Hiring Now

Where Are Security Guards Needed?

Remote Guarding Jobs in Georgia  Have you ever wondered what really happens in a command center? It’s likely you are envisioning a dark room mounted with dozens of screens, lights blinking rhythmically and computers beeping occasionally. And that is not far from reality. However, there is much more to working in a command center than… Read More »

How to Reduce Blind Spots in Your Security Plan

How to Reduce Blind Spots in Your Security Plan

In previous posts, we have discussed how to eliminate gaps in your security plan. In many cases, this refers to vulnerabilities you may not have considered, such as the importance of training employees, so they are not fooled by social engineering or leave company data vulnerable through the use of unsecured personal devices. But careless… Read More »

How Does Remote Guarding Work?

How Does Remote Guarding Work?

If you’re considering adding remote guarding to your security plan, you might want to know a little more about how it works. It’s growing in popularity for those who want to lower costs without lowering safety. It’s also a smart solution for areas that require security but are vast, far-flung, inclement, hazardous, or attractive nuisances.… Read More »

Perimeter Security Cameras Can Help More Than Just Your Business

Perimeter Security Cameras Can Help More Than Just Your Business

A remote security camera system can be a valuable part of your security plan. Thoughtful placement can also make you a valuable part of the community. In the right place, video cameras might be useful in helping prevent or solve crime that’s not even associated with your business. Consider a robbery that occurs outside your… Read More »

 Protection Through Remote Guarding: Retail Establishments 

Retail establishments have always been at risk of loss through shrink, fraud, and break-ins. You have both inventory and cash that thieves and fraudsters want. You want to prevent theft, but don’t want customers to feel unwelcome. Security officers can seem like overkill in stores that don’t sell high-ticket items as well as being prohibitively… Read More »

Protection Through Remote Guarding: Trade Shows & Conferences

Trade shows and conferences present a security challenge. They are crowded and often spread out. Displays can block sightlines. The venue is full of people who are preoccupied and in an unfamiliar environment. Attendees may not pay attention to their own safety as well as they should while trying to find their way or have… Read More »

Questions You Should Ask Your Remote Guarding Provider​

Considering adding a remote guard to your security plan? The right provider can make all the difference in keeping your people and property safe.  This list will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on which remote security provider to choose. Here’s what you need to know.   How will… Read More »

Is Remote Guarding the Only Security Option During a Pandemic Like COVID-19?

It’s not! During this time – both physical and remote guarding are in demand. The ideal security solution will combine onsite guards with remote monitoring. Depending on your level of security need, you may be able to get by with a minimal number of guards. This will allow security personnel and any employees working onsite… Read More »

Quick Cybersecurity Tips to Teach Your Remote Workforce

Chances are you have put a great deal of thought and resources to cybersecurity in your business. Your physical location, software, servers – you’ve got it all locked down. If you are like most business owners, it never occurred to you that you would be taking your business fully remote with little warning. In a perfect world,… Read More »

Welcome to the Remote Lifestyle! Is Your Facility Prepared?

The Coronavirus has thrown everyone for a loop. Many businesses were forced to shut their doors completely, while others shifted their employees to work from home.  Either way, that leaves your property vacant and vulnerable. How can you keep your business safe without putting anyone at risk? Consider these best practices to keep your people… Read More »

Making the Most Dangerous Cities in America Safer Through Video Monitoring

Crime rates have steadily gone down in recent years. This decrease can be attributed in part to the increase in the number of video cameras placed in high-crime and high-risk locations. The ability to record and remotely monitor people’s movements, while it does have a “Big Brother” perception, can act as both a deterrent to… Read More »

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