Improve Your Security’s Real-Time Incident Response Rate

Improve Your Security's Real-Time Incident Response Rate

Virtual monitoring can catch crimes or incidents quickly, allowing for an immediate response from security guards at the location. Integrating remote guarding into your security plan can prevent escalation and limit the impact the incident will have on your business, people, and property. Remote guards can alert on-site guards or law enforcement and follow the… Read More »

How Guard Touring Can Enhance Your Security Services

How Guard Touring Can Enhance Your Security Services

Most security guards want to spend the bulk of their time, well, guarding. Logging patrols, preparing reports, and noting maintenance issues – sure, it’s part of the job, but when their head’s down scribbling notes on a clipboard, who knows what a security officer may be missing. The answer? A guard tour system. It is… Read More »

Roles And Responsibilities Of Security Officers

Roles And Responsibilities Of Security Officers

Today’s security officer is required to remain up to date in the protocol and technology of many related fields. They also need appropriate skills in communicating clearly and dealing with people with compassion. Security officers are often put into high-stress situations and must remain calm and collected during a security incident. Behind the uniform of… Read More »

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