How Are Security Officers Trained To Handle Various Situations?

How Are Security Officers Trained To Handle Various Situations?

Security officers are essential to any business or organization’s security plan. They are responsible for safeguarding the property and people on the premises, which often involves handling various situations that may arise. But how are security officers trained to handle these situations effectively? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the training… Read More »

BOS Security Introduces New Golf Cart Training for Officers

BOS Security specializes in residential security for communities in the Southeast United States. BOS Security experts work directly with these communities to customize and enforce a security plan that suites the needs of the management, residents, and visitors.   Our in-house training manager works closely with each officer to ensure they have the proper training and… Read More »

BOS Security Insights: De-Escalation Training

BOS Security Insights: De-Escalation Training

Besides observation skills and attention to detail, the power to de-escalate a volatile situation is one of the most valuable abilities a security officer can have. Lesser skilled officers can allow their egos to get in the way and raise tensions even to the point of lethality. Their focus is on taking down the subject,… Read More »

Security Officer Hiring Continues As Protection Against an Uncertain World

It seems you can’t turn on the TV or get on social media without news of some violent tragedy in America. Whether it was the nine people shot to death at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina in 2015, the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012, or indeed the… Read More »

Security Guard Robert Owusu

Security guards don’t just protect property. Sometimes they save lives. Robert Owusu, a security guard in the north London neighborhood of Clerkenwell, saved the lives of two teenagers this spring. On April 17, 2015, two young men staggered into a Budgens store. They had been attacked by four masked men. They were bleeding; they collapsed to the floor… Read More »

What Armed Guard Should Be Able to Do to Handle Tough Situations

Although security systems do an efficient job of preventing crime, catching it in the act, and contacting appropriate authorities while a crime is in progress, there are limitations with these systems. Bringing in armed guard can significantly enhance the security for your business, as well as fill in the security gaps. Approach Suspicious Individuals Security cameras… Read More »

Unarmed vs. Armed Guard: How to Choose

In deciding to provide security for your business, one of the decisions you’ll have to make is whether or not to use an armed guard rather than an unarmed one. There are some advantages and disadvantages to each, and here are a few things you should consider in order to make the right decision. Threat… Read More »

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