BOS Security Introduces New Surveillance Tactics

BOS Security Introduces New Surveillance Tactics

BOS Security is always a step ahead when it comes to the latest in protection methodologies. BOS Security has tools and tactics to protect virtually any business, from our well-trained on-site security officers to our cutting-edge remote security monitoring services. Now, we have an additional method of protecting some of the most challenging and high-value… Read More »

Security Technology: High Resolution Radar

What place does high resolution radar have in security systems? Increasingly, it is used in motion detectors and sensors in commercial and home settings. It can reduce the number of sensors required and improve the accuracy of motion detection, reducing the incidents of false alarms and keeping costs down. Advantages of radar security systems include:… Read More »

Remote Guarding – The Impact Of Virtual Perimeters On Known Vulnerabilities

Remote Guarding Virtual

Security guards patrol and create a physical perimeter around your property. However, remote guarding also helps create an effective security perimeter. Thanks to virtual perimeters, you’re able to better protect against known vulnerabilities. As with physical security, it’s easy to customize the perimeter to best suit the vulnerabilities of each particular business and organization. Consistently… Read More »

Avoiding The Top 5 Problems With Surveillance Cameras

Problems With Surveillance Cameras

A common security strategy for most any business is surveillance cameras. It’s an effective strategy, but there are problems with surveillance cameras. Overcoming these problems is easier than you might think. Whether you’re already using cameras to monitor your business or you’re just developing your security strategy, make sure your business isn’t vulnerable to threats… Read More »

Why Video Cameras Are Preventing Crime

Video Cameras

Video cameras are being used by businesses, cities and residential communities to help reduce and prevent crime. When used correctly, they’re surprisingly effective at reducing the overall crime rate. While they might not prevent all crime, they can reduce it and prevent the severity of other crimes. The good thing is these cameras are a… Read More »

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