Early Warning Signs of Workplace Violence

Early Warning Signs of Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is a growing problem. Business owners are expected to keep their employees, residents, and customers safe on their property. When people don’t feel safe at work, it can drag down productivity and lead to attrition. Taking security measures is essential to maintain a safe workplace. Understanding the warning signs can prevent a tragedy.… Read More »

Preventing Stalking in the Workplace

Preventing Stalking in the Workplace

Workplace stalking is a growing issue, with 25% of stalking victims saying they met their stalker at work. It’s easy for people to stalk a coworker because they know where the victim is during working hours and often have access to their personal information. They may even be aided by other workers who don’t understand… Read More »

Finding a Solution to Eliminate Workplace Shootings

While crime, in general, is decreasing because of a variety of factors, workplace violence is on the rise. Short of turning your business into a remote-only workplace,  how can you ensure the safety of your employees and customers without interfering with daily business? A response plan is essential in the event of a workplace incident,… Read More »

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