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Visitor Access Control for Atlanta Businesses

Atlanta, GA – A recent study showed 42% of businesses do not have entrance security for protection of their employees and visitors. Local Atlanta companies do not appear to differ significantly in the percent offering protection. With the ever increasing situations where drugs, domestic revenge, or the disturbed individual with a weapon is becoming possible in any business setting, every business must recognize the liability and responsibility it has to provide proper security.

A recent situation in the Atlanta area involved an individual going into businesses saying he was there to prepare for carpet cleaning and needed to take some measurements. With full unsupervised access to the offices he was able to remove money and phones from purses of unsuspecting employees.

Every company should have a security needs assessment and be prepared to offer adequate protection as appropriate. A full time security guard or security monitoring system may be necessary, but in some cases office design and formal visitor control system may be very helpful.

BOS Security remains ready to assist business in the Atlanta area with well-trained security guards and consultative security needs assessments.


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