Unmatched Qualifications and Commitment

BOS Security is raising the bar for on-site and remote security service providers.

Employing the Best People. Offering the Best Service.

BOS Security takes an intelligent approach to security services by maintaining the highest standards in the industry. We exceed client expectations because we employ the best people, use cutting-edge systems, and emphasize customer service.

  • Licensed by the State of Georgia since 1993
  • Headquartered in Athens/Clarke County, Atlanta, and Gainesville. VirtuGuard™ remote security monitoring by trained security officers is available nationwide.
  • All personnel have law enforcement experience and training augmented with a depth of training in property and asset protection, as well as emergency management response, first aid & CPR, crisis management, and communication skills.
  • All armed officers are certified annually to the same marksmanship standards as law enforcement personnel and review agency Use of Deadly Force Policy.
  • All personnel are covered under a $3,000,000 liability insurance policy, a $100,000 bond, and workers’ compensation. A Certificate of Insurance is available.
  • Certified Institution Protection Manager on staff as certified by the International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection.
  • Staff Memberships include the American Society for Industrial Security, Georgia Association Chiefs of Police, American Chiefs of Police, American Association of Museums, International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection, and the National Safety Council.
  • Staff members attend the National Conferences on Cultural Property Protection sponsored by the Smithsonian Museum in Washington. Staff members are certified as Certified Protection Supervisors by the International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection.
  • Staff certifications include the Federal Emergency Management Institute and the National Fire Academy, Ga. Basic Firefighter Training, and Ga. EMT.

Coursework From FEMA Includes:

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