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Solutions To Protect Your Assets and Safety

Make BOS Security your trusted security partner. With locations in Athens, Atlanta, and Gainesville, we protect clients across Georgia. Backed by our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we offer a range of security services tailored to meet your unique needs. Whether you require on-site security officers only or in combination with our VirtuGuard™ remote monitoring services, BOS Security is dedicated to safeguarding your people and property.

Security Services Offered

BOS Security serves a wide range of clients with on-site officers, remote security monitoring or hybrid solutions that offer the best of both. Learn more below or schedule a security assessment for an evaluation of how you can best protect your people, property and assets.

Corporate & Office Security

BOS Security Officers are experts in Class A office security. Our guards will provide Visitor Access Control to prevent common office threats, including employee and customer theft, office violence, intrusion, and surveillance.

Residential Community Security & Patrol

The residents in your community value their privacy, protection, and security. As a property manager, it’s your obligation to provide superior security. BOS Security can provide Visitor Access Control Services at the gate or front desk of your community as well as guards on roving patrols throughout the building or community.

Commercial Security

BOS Security Officers provide an additional layer of protection for your business. Whether it’s manufacturing or distribution, BOS Security guards can provide gate access control for deliveries, employee access monitoring or grounds protection.

Security Consultation

The security of your facilities is essential to your operational success. BOS Security’s Needs Assessment will assess your security position and objectives and design and implement a comprehensive plan to mitigate the risks. Security Assessment Services in Georgia are carried out by our staff, who have wide-ranging experience in law enforcement, asset & facilities protection, executive protection, and private security.

Government Contracts

BOS Security, Inc. manages high-threat security requirements for the federal government. BOS Security Officers serve on the front line of homeland security by defending the nation’s air travel system. The firm is one of only 6 nationwide that are part of the Screening Partnership Program with TSA, providing private screeners in a US airport. In 2011 the firm was awarded a contract with the US Army to provide security services for the TRADOC HQ at Fort Eustis, VA. BOS Security also provides Armed Security Officer services for the USDA Russell Research Facility in Athens, GA.

VirtuGuard™ Remote Monitoring Services

BOS Security Officers monitor your security cameras 24/7/365, saving you the time and expense of on-site security guards. Protect your property and business from intrusion, loss and liability.

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