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Camera Tampering Incident Caught on Surveillance

Camera Tampering Incident Caught on Surveillance
Watch video footage of the incident.

At approximately 9am during a proactive virtual patrol of an apartment building, VirtuGuard™ observed that a camera in the East stairwell was upside down. Agents reviewed the recorded video footage from that camera and discovered that hours earlier, an unknown male walked down the stairs and intentionally turned the camera upside down. 

Before this, the man was observed entering the front door before entering the stairwell and beginning to tamper with the camera. VirtuGuard™ then notified the client onsite, who walked to the stairwell to find the male sleeping. 

The client then called 911 to report the trespass. Police arrived soon after and confronted the male. They were able to escort him out of the building without further issue. 

VirtuGuard™ then collaborated with the security integration company, who sent technicians to the location to reposition the surveillance camera for optimized coverage. 

Ensure Camera Coverage with VirtuGuard™ Remote Monitoring

While monitoring your commercial or residential property for illegal activity or other disturbances, VirtuGuard™ can also check the health and positioning of your surveillance cameras and additional security infrastructure. Never miss an event due to cameras being tampered with when you choose VirtuGuard™ as your full-service security solution. 

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