What Makes Us Different: QUALITY!

Our Mission: Eliminating security concerns for our clients.

At BOS Security, our goal is to provide peace of mind to our clients by providing the highest level of security services, ensuring that no harm or damage comes to the customers, employees, buildings and other physical property that our Security Officers protect.

We provide the highest caliber Security Officers.

  • As an affiliate of a staffing and recruiting company, we are experts at sourcing and evaluating talent.
  • Our reputation for excellence attracts higher caliber officers.
  • We provide ongoing training that exceeds state and federal requirements.
  • Our Security Officers act professionally, are able to effectively communicate with the public, and are more attentive to job details.

We offer the highest level of service in the security industry.

  • Better security assessment.
    Our process starts with a full assessment of our clients’ security needs, physical property and current technology. Our assessments are conducted by an experienced management team with a background in law enforcement.
  • Better ongoing management.
    As a regional player in our industry, our senior managers work directly with our clients and they are available 24/7. Our road supervisors ensure consistent quality control.
  • Greater accountability.
    Our industry leading technology provides real-time guard tracking and reporting.

Three Decade company history.

  • We bring a proven track record of delivering top caliber security services.
  • Our deep experience enables us to solve complex security challenges.