VirtuGuard™ Nationwide Remote Security Monitoring Services

Enhanced protection through real-time surveillance and rapid response.

Turn Security Cameras Into Active Crime Prevention Tools

What good is a camera if no one is watching? The purpose of our remote security monitoring system is to turn cameras and related technologies into a proactive service to prevent crime, vandalism, or other disturbances before they ever happen. Cameras today are just forensic tools after the crime has ended. Virtual guarding or remote guarding is a real security officer monitoring your property remotely via the internet. Today’s video camera technology makes it incredibly efficient for our virtual security officers to monitor your property more effectively and at a lower cost.

Monitored by Trained Security Professionals

Our team of virtual security officers, working together from our central Security Operations Center, connect to your video cameras via the internet. Technology today makes it even easier with motion sensing, heat sensing, and even lidar and radar capabilities. Whenever anything on your property moves, our team of virtual guards is alerted and responds immediately. The virtual guard receives a brief video clip of the activity that triggered the alert as well as a live view of the scene. They can then respond appropriately.

Augment Your Onsite Security Team

Working in conjunction with your on-site security guard, our virtual guards can dispatch the local security guard to the incident and even prepare them for what to expect when they arrive. Similarly, if the incident requires law enforcement response, our virtual guards will stay on the phone with emergency dispatch, detailing the situation, including descriptions and locations of the perpetrators. When police arrive on the scene, our virtual guards are still on the phone, relaying the perpetrators hiding places so that police can most safely and quickly apprehend the criminals.

All actions of our virtual security guards are conducted under supervision, and every move they make creates an audit trail for later review and training as well as evidence in court.

Always Attentive

Your security officer calling in sick is no longer a concern when the BOS Security VirtuGuard™ remote guarding system is protecting your property. Our Security Operations Center is manned with a team of professionals ready to provide security protection for your business. This team approach also ensures that if incidents are happening at multiple locations on your property, they can all be handled simultaneously.

VirtuGuard™ can offer a better solution for our clients – either monitoring alone or monitoring combined with a human on-site. We can provide better service at a lower overall cost to our clients.

What Services Are Offered by VirtuGuard™?

Interactive Monitoring

VirtuGuard™ Command Center Agents have access to live video surveillance streams and recorded security video from client properties through security cameras and other infrastructure installed on the property. Additionally, AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is applied through monitoring, alerting Virtual Security Agents to activity or events as they occur. AI decreases the number of false alarms triggered by security cameras, allowing Agents to focus on valid inappropriate behaviors. 

Remote Tours and Escorts

Clients can opt-in for scheduled or random remote tours of their properties by our virtual security guards. Similar to a foot patrol completed by an on-site Security Officer, VirtuGuard™ Agents conduct a tour of a property through on-site video surveillance cameras and infrastructure. Unlike physical security guard patrols, where the Security Officers may have a visible pattern of patrol, criminals cannot observe the patterns of Virtual Security Officers. This prevents suspicious or criminal activities from slipping under the radar.

Audio Services

We strongly recommend that our clients install two-way audio speakers throughout their properties so that VirtuGuard™ Agents can intervene with voice-down audio announcements in the case of an event. Examples of situations where voice announcements have proven to be effective include customer service events, business-related announcements, and warnings to intruders or violators.

Video Auditing

An operational audit is an examination of the way a company conducts business. Specialized to the industry, company policies and procedures, and labor laws, an operational audit is conducted to review and assess the effectiveness and efficiency of a company’s operation. To avoid potential biases or overlook issues that may arise in an in-house audit, an independent or third-party audit delivers the best results to improve your business. VirtuGuard™ from BOS Security offers a variety of auditing services customized for your business’s needs and concerns. The goal of an audit is to make ownership and management aware of issues within the business they may not know about and to offer a knowledge base for making improvements. Improved effectiveness and efficiency of a company’s operation lead to greater profitability, legal compliance, and an increase in both employee and customer satisfaction.

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