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Trespasser Caught on Golf Course by Virtual Guard

Trespasser Caught on Golf Course by Virtual Guard

In the past, an upscale country club was having issues with trespassing on their golf courses, resulting in expensive damage to the turf. In an effort to prevent any further damage to the course, the country club implemented VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring. 

One night at approximately 9:12pm, VirtuGuard™ Agents observed a male walk over a bridge and onto the course. Agents immediately began to issue Voice Down commands alerting the individual that they were being live monitored and recorded. Agents warned the trespasser that if they did not vacate the area the local police would be called. 

The individual then walked off the course, walking back over the bridge to exit the property. VirtuGuard™ contacted the country club contact to alert them to the incident and that no vandalism or damaged had occurred. The client informed Agents that there was no need to contact the police and that they would speak to the superintendent to ask why someone was on the golf course after hours. 

Agents continued to closely monitor the course to ensure that the trespasser did not return. 

VirtuGuard™ Remote Monitoring for Golf Course Security

Using surveillance cameras, Artificial Intelligence object detection, night vision, and other security technologies, VirtuGuard™ can detect and prevent trespassing, property damage, and other unwanted or suspicious activity. Learn more about what VirtuGuard™ can do by reading our blog or completing the contact form below. 


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