Our Process

When it comes to selecting BOS Security officers, we never take shortcuts.

Protection You Can Trust

At BOS Security, we provide the most reliable guards in the industry. From our recruiting methods to our comprehensive training, our focus is your peace of mind.

Our Hiring Process Includes:


Each candidate is asked behavioral, situational, and job history questions to gain an understanding of their experience, attitudes, knowledge, skills and overall suitability for the role. We also present situations the candidate may encounter on the job to gauge how they are likely to react in typical scenarios – particularly stressful ones.

Reference Checks

We speak to managers, subordinates, and co-workers in their references to get a well-rounded view of a candidate’s skills, experience, and personality.

Background Checks

Our checks include a criminal background check, reference check, and drug screen.

Psychological Assessment

Any guards who will be issued firearms undergo an additional level of psychological testing. Firearms are secured at the end of every shift. They may not be taken off-property.


Our comprehensive and ongoing training includes first aid & CPR, crisis management, and communication skills.

Full-Time Training Manager

Our training manager’s sole focus is delivering training to security officers. Supervisors also provide training under their direction.

Client-Specific Training

Training can be customized to the unique requirements of your site, specific tasks the officers are expected to do, or any other extra training you require.

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