Continuing Education: A Vital Necessity for Security Guards

Continuing Education: A Vital Necessity for Security Guards

Every BOS Security officer begins their career at our firm with a high level of experience and training. Still, we recognize that the security field can change, and it’s essential to adapt. Skills can become stale or outdated. Threats can change, and security officers must adapt to respond effectively. After all, who would ever guess… Read More »

What I Do Matters: Andrew Morgan

  Andrew Morgan is a bit of an “old soul”. At just 22 years old he has the convictions and maturity of someone much older. That’s why, as a security officer for BOS, Andrew has been so very successful keeping order at the University of Georgia chapter of a national sorority. Officer Morgan has been… Read More »

New Training Announced for BOS Security Officers

New Training Announced for BOS Security Officers

One of the factors setting BOS Security apart from the competition is our commitment to ongoing training. We begin by recruiting the cream of the crop to our team, then ensure each individual is provided with the resources they need to perform at their peak on the job. The latest addition to our training arsenal… Read More »

Quick Tips to Safeguard Your Business During the Holidays

Holiday shopping may look a little different this year. That doesn’t mean you can let your guard down. Consider these quick tips to prepare in advance to secure your business and ensure a peaceful and profitable holiday season.   Add security for compliance If your business is retail or otherwise has frequent visitors or guests,… Read More »

Uniformed vs. Plainclothes Security Guards

What’s a better choice for your business – uniformed or plainclothes security? It depends on your goal. Uniformed guards can act as a deterrent. Thieves are on notice that they are being watched. For some, that’s enough to encourage them to move on to another business. Uniformed guards can be very effective against casual shoplifters… Read More »

The Benefits of Infrared Security Cameras

Infrared cameras can be a valuable addition to your security solution. They can fill any gaps left by your security guards and regular cameras. They work by measuring body heat, which makes them ideal for low-light or wooded areas. An intruder can use shrubs or shadows to hide from conventional cameras or the naked eye,… Read More »

7 Qualities That Make for the Best Security Guard Company

Qualities That Make for the Best Security Guard Company

If you have researched security guard companies lately, you might be overwhelmed by options. There are any number of agencies to choose from, but the quality can vary widely. If you need to add to security for your commercial, corporate or government organization, how can you be sure you chose the best security company rather… Read More »

What I Do Matters: Michael Post

What I Do Matters: Michael Post

BOS Security Officer Michael Post is a bit of a “Jack of All Trades.” He has worked as a personal trainer, a welder, and in many other jobs in his young life, but no job has ever fit Officer Post as well as his position with BOS Security. Recently, Officer Michael Post celebrated his 4th… Read More »

When to Hire Temporary Security Guards

One of the best ways to control the cost of security without sacrificing quality is by using temporary security guards. It’s an effective way to ensure you have the security you require, whether that means a couple of guards to protect a vacant property or an extensive security force to manage crowds during a large event. Temporary security guards ensure you always have the… Read More »

Evaluating the Perceived Perception of Security Officers

What’s your first impression when you think of security officers? The stereotypical “night watchmen” who sleep on the job? The “mall cop” who likes to throw his weight around? The big muscle-bound dude who’s scary to be around?    Time to update your perception!  Today’s security officers are present to make the public feel safer, not to scare you. Knowing that a trained, experienced security professional… Read More »

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