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Trespassers Caught at Auto Salvage Yard

Trespassers Caught at Auto Salvage Yard

At approximately 5:05 one morning at an auto salvage yard, VirtuGuard™ observed two individuals standing near the front gate and shining flashlights at the front gate surveillance camera. One individual approached the gate while the other appeared to exit the property. 

VirtuGuard™ called the local police department to report the suspicious activity and trespass. Agents continued to closely monitor the property. At 5:32am, VirtuGuard™ observed a vehicle enter the property and pull up to the side of the road. Two individuals quickly began to load the vehicle with unknown items before vacating the property. 

Unfortunately, the local police did not arrive until minutes after the vehicle left the property. However, VirtuGuard™ was able to gather photo and video evidence as well as a detailed description of the event and present the report to both the business owners and the local police. 

Missed Opportunity: Voice Commands

In this incident at the auto salvage yard, Agents were limited in their intervention methods, relying on local police to arrive onsite before the suspicious vehicle left the property. VirtuGuard™ recommends that each client installs two-way audio speakers throughout the property to enhance the proactivity and intervention powers of remote guarding. 

Two-way audio speakers allow Agents to directly interact with trespassers or suspicious individuals on a property. In this situation, before the individuals began to load items into their vehicle, Agents could have notified them that they were being live monitored and recorded. It most instances, this audio warning would have been enough to deter suspicious people from committing a crime. 

Prevent trespassing, theft, and other suspicious or criminal activity with VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring and audio services. Learn more when you complete the contact form below. 


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