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Calipsa Supported VirtuGuard™ Video Monitoring

Calipsa Supported VirtuGuard™ Video Monitoring

The VirtuGuard™ Command Center uses a wide range of technologies to deliver real-time, interactive monitoring services to clients across the United States. Calipsa, a Motorola Solutions Company, empowers our video surveillance systems with cloud-based AI analytics for real-time and forensic analysis. Turn your security cameras into proactive, interactive security tools with Calipsa supported VirtuGuard™.

What is Remote Video Surveillance?

VirtuGuard™ remote guarding services prevent crime, vandalism, and other disturbances before they occur. With advanced security infrastructure and technology, like security cameras, video analytics, object detectors, and more, Virtual Security Officers can monitor residential and commercial properties more effectively and affordably than onsite Security Guards. Below are a few of the services offered by VirtuGuard™. 

Watch BOS Security CEO explain remote guarding.

Interactive Monitoring

Command Center Agents remotely monitor live and recorded video surveillance streams to detect and react to activity as it occurs. Whether companies are concerned with break-ins, trespassing, vandalism, or other nuisances, interactive monitoring can be customized and applied based on each property’s unique needs. 

Remote Tours and Escorts

VirtuGuard™ can conduct scheduled or random tours of a property in addition to responding to AI alerts. Like a foot patrol, Virtual Guards can conduct virtual tours of a whole property through strategically placed surveillance cameras. No suspicious or criminal activities slip through the cracks with interactive monitoring and remote patrols. 

Similar practices can be applied to escort staff or residents to and from their vehicles. Staff or residents entering or exiting a facility can call a designated phone number and request an escort to or from a vehicle or building, ensuring that they make it to their destination safely at any time of day or night. 

Audio Services

Two-way audio speakers installed throughout a property allow VirtuGuard™ to intervene directly and instantly when unwanted activity is detected. Audio services can be utilized in customer service events, business-related announcements, and warnings to intruders. 

Video Auditing

Video operational auditing is an extremely valuable tool for examining the way a company conducts business. Auditing specialists can monitor how company processes and procedures are being executed within a commercial or residential business. VirtuGuard™ establishes a checklist with your management team to fully customize your audit. Our team then develops plans to address your concerns. Popular audits include: 

  • Compliance Video Audit 
  • Department Video Audit 
  • Investigative Video Audit 
  • Loss Prevention Video Audit 
  • Merchandising Video Audit 
  • Occupational Video Audit 
  • Rent Control Video Audit 
  • Safety Video Audit  
Watch this video explaining virtual audits for businesses.

Remote Access Control Management 

Remote Access Control Management allows Virtual Guards to screen vendors and guests that are attempting to enter a private property. VirtuGuard™ can remotely control gates and mag-lock doors to grant entry to authorized visitors without requiring an onsite staff member to assist. Advanced security infrastructure makes remote access control possible with VirtuGuard™. 

VirtuGuard, Calipsa, and Real-Time Response 

Surveillance cameras on their own are limited in their ability to prevent or detect illegal or unwanted behavior on a company’s property. Security cameras are passive in nature, recording activity for security personnel to review or investigate after an incident has already occurred.  

Remote video monitoring, with the assistance of advanced AI and intelligent video analytics, can detect and respond to activity when it occurs. The real-time response of VirtuGuard™ is what sets it apart from other security solutions.  

Calipsa enhances security operations by enabling advanced object detection, real-time alerts, and integration with existing systems to improve threat recognition and reduce false alarms. These capabilities in turn enable VirtuGuard™ to react quickly and effectively to real-time events.

Read Calipsa’s recent case study on BOS Security!

Object Detection

Object detection reduces false alarms by filtering out movement not caused by a human or vehicle. Nuisance alarms caused by wildlife, trees, or other objects that are not of concern to security personnel are automatically filtered out to not send an object detection alarm into the VirtuGuard™ Command Center.  

Camera Masking 

Calipsa’s camera masking feature further reduces false alarms and filters out areas of disinterest, like roads or public areas. Any activity detected by AI in the masked area will be ignored, ensuring the VirtuGuard™ Command Center only receives alarms for the areas a client wants monitored.  

Site Scheduling

VirtuGuard™ can set custom schedules for each site to focus monitoring efforts on the most crucial time periods. For example, if a car dealership has a steady stream of customers entering and exiting the property during the operational hours, they might elect to schedule object detection AI while the business is closed. This reduces the number of false alarms and saves on operational costs.  

Camera Health Checks

Calipsa Detect Pro monitors camera health check AI analytics. The scene change detection allows the VirtuGuard™ Command Center to detect whether a camera has failed to alarm, been tampered with, or if the field of view changed. The idle camera check will notify the Command Center if your surveillance cameras haven’t received an alarm for a certain time period. VirtuGuard™ utilizes this technology from Calipsa to ensure your cameras and other infrastructure are working properly, 24/7/365. 

Loitering Detection

With Calipsa Protect, the VirtuGuard™ Command Center will receive an alert if a person or vehicle is detected staying in the scene for longer than a specified amount of time. The object detectors can track loitering across multiple cameras using appearance similarity.   

Crowd Detection

The crowd-forming feature can send alerts when a specified number of people or vehicles are observed in the camera view for longer than a set period. VirtuGuard™ will never miss an unauthorized or unwanted gathering on a client’s property.  

Region of Interest

Calipsa can select specific areas of a camera view to detect objects entering a region of interest and send alarms for VirtuGuard™ Agents to review and respond to. This filters and focuses the scope of your cameras to capture only the activity relevant to you.  

Custom Watchlists

Custom inclusion and exclusion lists allow VirtuGuard™ to upload photos of objects (people or vehicles) to watch or to ignore. The Calipsa image understanding technology analyzes the appearance of objects that enter camera view and will either send alarms of people or vehicles not wanted on the property or filter alarms of objects that are welcome.  

Forensic Investigations

Calipsa Investigate utilizes their real-time video analytics solution to enable forensic analysis. This forensic video content analysis requires no hardware and searches across cameras to investigate specific areas and time frames.   

Calipsa Supported Interactive Remote Monitoring by VirtuGuard™

VirtuGuard™, with the support of Calipsa and other advanced security software and infrastructure, can turn video surveillance cameras into crime prevention tools. With video analytics, object detection, and other advanced security technology, Calipsa enhances existing security systems. 

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