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What Is Remote Access Control Management?

What Is Remote Access Control Management?

Remote Access Control Management (ACM) is a new and improved way to control access to your property. Whether your property is commercial or residential, VirtuGuard™ can remotely allow access for guests, deliveries, vendors, and even residents who may have been locked out of their building.

This article covers traditional access control solutions, how remote access control works, and how remote video monitoring empowers access control management.

Traditional Access Control

Controlling access and egress of a property has typically been an onsite Security Officer’s duty. Whether they were stationed at a gate house or a building’s lobby, Security Officers were required to be present to ensure that only authorized personnel, vehicles, and materials could enter, move within, and leave the property.

Properties with multiple facilities or entrance gates might require an Officer for each point of entry. Hiring onsite Security personnel to operate access control can be costly, especially if your site requires an attendant to be onsite 24/7.

While traditional access control methods screen visitors entering your property, they can also prevent personnel leaving the property with equipment or materials not authorized to be taken off the premises.

Remote access control can assume the duties of an onsite Security Officer while being more effective and cost-efficient.

How Does Remote Access Control Work?

Remote access control management utilizes advanced security infrastructure and technology to grant guests, vendors, and other parties entry to a property. VirtuGuard™ can remotely grant access to outdoor areas or buildings and monitor the movement and activity of guests that are granted entry.

Rather than requiring onsite personnel to verify and grant entry, these duties can be completed from a remote Command Center. Trained security professionals can verify a visitor’s identification and discern whether to grant entry based on protocols set by your business.

VirtuGuard™ Access Control Management can equip an indoor or outdoor entrance with several cameras that will accomplish different things. For example, VirtuGuard™ can monitor and record face cameras and overhead cameras at check-in areas. Additionally, Virtual Guards can monitor and capture images from an ID drop-slot camera, which can capture images of a visitor’s ID to verify their identity before granting entry.

VirtuGuard™ remote access control management is more cost-effective than a traditional access control solution, as remote Virtual Guards can respond when access is requested, rather than always remaining on alert.

Remote Gate Control

Rather than requiring a guard house, VirtuGuard™ Agents can control entry gates from our Command Centers. Two-way audio capabilities allow Virtual Guards to engage directly with a visitor when they request entry to your property. Virtual Guards can gather visitors’ names, reasons for visiting, the employees or residents that are expecting them, and other relevant information.

Video intercom systems are equipped with two-way audio capabilities but can also allow Virtual Guards to visually verify visitors and their identification through cameras that feed live and recorded video footage into the VirtuGuard™ Command Center.

Additionally, your business can provide VirtuGuard™ with a list of approved visitors or contractors to ease the process of granting authorized visitors access to your facilities.

VirtuGuard™ keeps a detailed record of visitors who are permitted to enter the premises, containing images of the visitors, copies of their identification, reasons for entering the property, and other relevant information.

Virtual Doorman Services

Similar technology used for remote gate control can be used for granting access to buildings and other facilities. Also known as a virtual doorman, VirtuGuard™ controls access to both residential and commercial buildings. Whether it is a residential high-rise or a secure government facility, virtual doorman services eliminate the need for an onsite Security Officer to screen all visitors.

Virtual doorman services are possible because of a host of security technologies. Two-way audio and video intercom systems allow Virtual Guards to interact with someone trying to enter the premises in real time. VirtuGuard™ can activate door release mechanisms to all visitors to enter the property.

Remote Video Monitoring and Access Control

VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring uses strategically placed surveillance cameras and other advanced security technologies to secure and protect a property from illegal activity and other unwanted behavior.

Remote video monitoring is a proactive security solution. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is applied to security cameras to detect abnormal activity, which sends an alarm into the VirtuGuard™ Command Center instantly for live Virtual Guards to review and react to. Similar to foot patrols conducted by physical Security Officers, VirtuGuard™ can conduct virtual patrols of an entire property to catch and intervene in suspicious activity before it escalates.

VirtuGuard™ provides both remote video monitoring and remote access control management to residential and commercial businesses. Access control is a major concern when securing a property. Remote access control management utilizes existing security infrastructure to create a more secure environment at a fraction of the cost of traditional access control methods.

Try VirtuGuard™ Remote Access Control Management

When VirtuGuard™ provides remote access control management for your business, it is both more effective and more affordable than traditional access control methods. Trained and skilled security professionals screen visitors and verify their identities to ensure that only authorized parties can enter a secure area. Advanced security technology, like surveillance cameras, video intercom systems, door release mechanisms, etc., make remote access control seamless and efficient.

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