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Can VirtuGuard™ Remote Video Monitoring Use My Existing Cameras?

Can VirtuGuard™ Remote Video Monitoring Use My Existing Cameras?

When implementing remote video monitoring for your business, it is important to consider the technology and equipment needed to garner the best results. VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring solutions can utilize a variety of equipment vendors and technologies to monitor your property for illegal or unwanted activity and react to it in real-time.

In this article you will learn about the difference between analog and IP security cameras, systems and software that VirtuGuard™ can integrate with, and how to get started implementing remote video monitoring solutions at your business.

What Is Remote Video Monitoring?

VirtuGuard™ is an interactive remote video monitoring services offered by BOS Security, Inc. From our Command Centers, Virtual Guards have access to live video streams and recorded video from your locations through surveillance cameras and other security infrastructure installed on your property. VirtuGuard™ increases the safety and security of your business, giving you, your staff, and your guests peace of mind.

This security infrastructure, combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, alerts Virtual Guards to alarms triggered at your property as they occur, in real-time. More cost effective and efficient than traditional security systems and solutions, VirtuGuard™ clients can also opt-in to random or scheduled proactive virtual guard tours.

VirtuGuard™ also has the capabilities to engage access control, audio systems, and alarm system among other security technologies.

Two-Way Audio Capabilities

Installing two-way audio speakers on your property allows for Virtual Guards to intervene directly when unwanted activity occurs on your property. Through the speakers installed throughout a property, VirtuGuard™ Agents can engage directly with trespassers or other suspicious individuals.

For example, if your business struggles with illegal dumping, Virtual Guards can issue a custom voice command instructing the responsible parties to remove their trash and vacate the private property.

Additionally, two-way audio can also be used as a customer service tool. If you need to make site-wide announcements about ongoing sales, hours of operation, or other information that would benefit customers, VirtuGuard™ can activate periodic voice announcements.

IP (Internet Protocol) vs. Analog Cameras

There are several factors to consider when choosing between analog and IP surveillance cameras for remote video monitoring. VirtuGuard™ can integrate with most IP and analog cameras. Whether you already have cameras and other infrastructure installed on your property or if you need assistance customizing a security technology suite for your property, VirtuGuard™ can help.

Pros and Cons of IP Cameras

IP, or Internet Protocol, cameras is a digital video camera that receives control data and sends video and image data through an IP network. IP cameras do not require a local digital video recorder to store video footage. Live and recorded video footage can be accessed through a network connection.

There are many pros to choosing IP cameras to monitor your property. They are simple to install and do not require additional equipment like an encoder or decoder. IP cameras also have higher resolution and have superior image quality to analog cameras. One of the benefits of IP cameras is that they can be programmed to provide various kinds of analytics. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can be applied to IP cameras to detect motion, smoke, intrusion, and more and send alarms directly to the VirtuGuard™ Command Center for live Agents to respond to in an instant. Additionally, video recorded by IP cameras is encrypted and authenticated so that transmission is secure and the risk of hackers accessing your information is eliminated.

IP cameras require more costs during the initial purchase and set-up. However, once the camera systems are installed, they are easier to customize and scale as needed. In terms of video storage, IP cameras record at a higher resolution which creates larger files. Because of this, your storage may need to be adjusted. Because IP cameras are more advanced, they may come with a greater learning curve. With VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring, you will not have to worry about learning how to operate the user interface of your IP cameras. Our Virtual Guards are already highly educated in how to use the interface to its greatest potential.

Pros and Cons of Analog Cameras

Analog surveillance cameras are a tried-and-true surveillance solution. Unlike IP cameras, analog cameras transmit video over cables to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). These surveillance cameras require two cables or a siamese cable to connect both power and a DVR.

Analog cameras tend to be significantly cheaper than IP cameras, especially if your property requires many cameras to reach full coverage. Additionally, analog cameras and their accompanying DVRs are simple to install, set up, and run.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other advanced video analytics are not nearly as simple to apply to analog cameras. However, implementing video analytics with analog cameras is more complex but it is not always impossible.

While the image quality of analog cameras has improved over time, the frame rate is lower than that of IP cameras. This means that areas with a lot of motion or areas that require higher detail can produce images and video that appear grainy or blurry. Analog cameras are also more limited in their coverage of an area, which may require you to purchase more cameras to cover the same amount of area that could be accomplished with fewer IP cameras. There is no encryption for analog cameras, which increases the risk of hackers accessing your information.

Upgrade from Analog to IP Cameras

The majority of new surveillance camera installations are IP camera solutions. One of the greatest benefits of migrating from analog to IP solutions is that VirtuGuard™ can troubleshoot IP systems remotely. These capabilities reduce the cost of system maintenance, as they reduce the need for integrators to physically evaluate the system to resolve a problem.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other advanced video analytics improve the effectiveness of remote video monitoring. Without it, Virtual Guards would have to be always watching each camera view carefully to detect the same activity that sends an alarm into the Command Center in an instant for VirtuGuard™ to evaluate and respond to.

If you are interested in learning more about transitioning from analog to IP cameras, the VirtuGuard™ team will work closely with you to create the best solution for the best value.

VirtuGuard™ and Other Integrators

VirtuGuard™ collaborates with security camera system installers and integrators across the country to connect your existing surveillance cameras quickly and seamlessly to our Command Centers. If you do not already have cameras installed, VirtuGuard™ can work with your camera vendor and installer to ensure that you choose the systems and technology that are the best fit for you, your property, and security needs. If you already have cameras installed, VirtuGuard™ can work with integrators get access to your systems and add additional infrastructure as needed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of remote video monitoring.

Systems VirtuGuard™ Integrates With

VirtuGuard™ works with over 300 vendors in the security space, such as Axis, Avigilon, Panasonic, Hikvision, and many others. This includes vendors of surveillance cameras, two-way audio systems, access control systems, alarms, automation, and others. For a full list of compatible vendors, complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Find the Best Solution for Your Business

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current security solutions or are looking to customize a complete security suite for your business, VirtuGuard™ is here to help. Our team is well versed in security technologies and equipment that make remote video monitoring a proactive, effective, and cost-efficient security solution.

To learn more about remote video monitoring and our technological capabilities, complete the contact form below.


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