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Top 6 Security Camera Manufacturers for Small Business Security 

Top 6 Security Camera Manufacturers for Small Business Security

Over the past 10 years, the demand for security cameras and systems for both small businesses and homes has skyrocketed. Whether your business is concerned about safety, theft, or other security issues, it is important to make the right choice when choosing between security camera manufacturers.  

While security cameras alone may provide an illusion of safety and security, they are not effective in preventing or intervening in crime or unwanted activity that occurs at your business. VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring utilizes security cameras and other equipment to proactively monitor for and respond to events that occur at your business before they escalate.  

In this article, we discuss factors to consider when choosing your security camera provider, the top security camera manufacturers, the U.S. Federal Communication Commission’s sanctions on some security camera manufacturers, and the importance of remote video monitoring. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Security Camera Manufacturer and Security System

When making an informed decision about security camera manufacturers for your small business, there are a wide range of companies and products to choose from. Depending on your business’s security needs, there are several factors to consider when choosing a security camera manufacturer, including resolution, cost, and connectivity to remote video monitoring centers. 


The resolution of security cameras determines the quality and detail of video and images recorded or streamed from the security cameras. The higher resolution a camera has, the higher quality images and videos taken from the camera will be. In the case of break ins, theft, or another incident, a high-resolution camera can capture key details, like vehicles and license plates, physical descriptions of the parties involved, and the exact details of the incident itself. Choosing security cameras with a lower resolution can leave your business without evidence needed to investigate an incident. Higher resolution also allows the end user to digital zoom and see derails clearly when focusing on a smaller area such as a face or license plate. 


Security cameras and equipment come in a wide range of prices. Surveillance equipment can range from less than a hundred dollars, to a few hundred dollars, to even a few thousand dollars. The cost of your security equipment will be determined by the size of the property you need covered and the number of cameras that full coverage requires. Additional equipment like audio solutions, access control, Artificial Intelligence, and security systems will also contribute to the cost of security solutions. Additional maintenance costs may also be required. While it may require an upfront investment, high quality security equipment will last longer, and provide better results. 

Connectivity to Remote Video Monitoring Centers

VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring works by connecting to security cameras and other equipment installed at your small business. Video footage is live streamed into the Command Center where Live Monitoring Agents observe and react to incidents that arise at your business in real time. The VirtuGuard™ Command Center integrates with most security cameras, security equipment, and other infrastructure or systems. This includes audio solutions, access control, Artificial Intelligence, security systems, motion, and smoke detectors, and more.  

For a full list of compatible equipment, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page or request more information here.

Top Security Camera Manufacturers

The VirtuGuard™ Command Center can integrate with hundreds of products and services, including surveillance cameras, security systems, alarm systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI), other video analytics, access control, audio solutions, and more. Whether you are interested in IP cameras, wireless cameras, surveillance systems, or a hybrid system, VirtuGuard™ can work with your equipment.  

While VirtuGuard™ does not recommend using Chinese security brands due to security concerns and government sanctions, our Command Center still integrates with several Chinese brands if you already have or choose to purchase security equipment from these providers. Continue reading for more information about sanctions against Chinese security camera manufacturers.  

Below are a few of the top security camera manufactures that VirtuGuard™ integrates with: 


Axis Communications is a Swedish security manufacturer of cameras, access control, and audio devices. Axis products are known for easy integration and configuration, which allows for VirtuGuard™ and other remote video monitoring service providers to easily monitor and utilize Axis products.

Hanwha Vision

Hanwha Vision is a Korean brand and one of the most popular manufacturers on the global market. The manufacturer produces both advanced security cameras and management software for monitoring.


Honeywell is an American corporation that specializes in aerospace, building technologies, performance materials and technologies, and safety and productivity solutions. In addition to manufacturing a wide range of technology and equipment for several industries, Honeywell produces and sells security cameras, other video surveillance equipment, access controls, and visitor and vendor management systems.


Bosch is one of the oldest surveillance camera manufacturers and was founded in Germany in 1886. The company manufactures and sells a wide variety of products and technology outside of surveillance equipment, including automotive and household appliances. Popular security equipment from Bosch includes motion and smoke detectors, security cameras, and audio solutions.


Hikvison is a state-owned Chinese company that manufactures and supplies video surveillance equipment for both civilian and military purposes. Due the company’s involvement in mass surveillance in China and national security concerns, the company has been sanctioned by both U.S. and European governments.


Dahua is another state-owned Chinese security equipment company that is known for its Pan-Tilt-Zoom security cameras. While it is the second largest video surveillance company in the word, after Hikvison, Dahua has also faced sanctions and bans from Australian, Ukrainian, European, and United States governments.

FCC (Federal Communication Commission) Bans Chinese Security Cameras

In November 2022, the United States Federal Communications Commission adopted new rules prohibiting communications equipment that has been deemed to pose a risk to national security, also known as the Secure Equipment Act. This equipment was prohibited from being imported or sold in the United States. Companies prohibited in this authorization include Hikvision, Dahua, and a few other Chinese equipment and service providers.  

There are a few reasons why the United States and other countries have adopted these new regulations. The U.S. government had previously expressed concerns with national security due to a few Chinese companies’ potential involvement in espionage or cyber-attacks. Hikvision and Dahua are both state-owned enterprises, which means that they are government entities and manufacture and sell their products and services for both civilian and military purposes. This raises concern that their equipment and technology could be used for espionage.  

There have also been allegations that some Chinese companies have violated pre-existing sanctions against other countries, including Iran and North Korea. Additionally, the United States have previously accused Chinese companies of stealing intellectual property and engaging in unfair trade practices.  

In addition to these national security concerns, there have also been Chinese companies that have been involved in China’s mass surveillance networks and facial recognition systems. Because of this involvement, there have been human rights concerns about the purpose of mass surveillance and the use of facial recognition technology, which have contributed to the new sanctions adopted by the FCC.  

While these sanctions have been adopted and announced, it does not mean that products from these companies cannot be acquired or utilized in the United States. For brands like Hikvision and Dahua, they may be able to brand and market their products more carefully to bypass the ban. The FCC is only banning the equipment designed “for the purpose of public safety, security of government facilities, physical security surveillance of critical infrastructure, and other national security purposes.”   

If these security camera manufacturers agree to market and sell their security products and services to consumers or small businesses, they will likely be authorized to import and sell to consumers in the United States. 

Small Business Security System: VirtuGuard™ Remote Video Monitoring

VirtuGuard™ remote video monitoring can transform security cameras and equipment from passive tools to proactive and fast acting security measures. Small business security systems can be customized fully by VirtuGuard™ to cover all areas of concern, including entry and egress points, high value items, and more. 

VirtuGuard™ video surveillance can intervene in an instant, completing video verification of events to reduce false alarms, dispatching emergency services as needed, and investigating incidents after they are resolved. To learn more about what VirtuGuard™ can do for your small business, read our relevant blog posts about remote video monitoring. 

If you are interested in learning more about choosing the right security camera manufacturers or wish to speak with a VirtuGuard™ representative about your business’s security concerns, complete the contact form below or request more information here. 



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