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What Is Video Auditing?

What Is Video Auditing?

Video Auditing for Improved Business Process, Operations & Problem Solving 

This blog post will answer all your questions around the value of using Video Auditing as a standard practice for your business. By implementing regular video auditing, you will improve your business’s profitability and processes, as well as protect your employees, customers, and Business Assets, and gain a greater understanding of your technology’s effectiveness.  

VirtuGuard™ will help you understand both Who does Video Auditing and Who should use Video Auditing, as well as What Video Auditing is all about, When you should use Video Auditing, Where you can and should use Video Auditing, Why you should use Video Auditing, and How to do Video Auditing. 

BOS Security’s VirtuGuard™ Services is a provider of Business Process Improvement Video Auditing Services. Any company with Video Camera infrastructure should be conducting video auditing. Typically, businesses only tend to use their camera infrastructure when they believe they need to view something, an incident that may have been reported to management or authorities. Video is always used after the fact; things are happening, and information is being gathered by your camera systems all the time, yet we do not seem to use the camera systems as a tool to proactively improve our business or solve operational problems. Now is the time to change that behavior and use your camera systems on an ongoing basis to improve your businesses operations and bottom line.  

So, who is going to do this video auditing on an ongoing basis? Well, the business owner or manager is responsible for the practice, or BOS Security’s VirtuGuard™ Services can take care of everything for you. 

We will identify and offer corrective actions to business issues you may not even know that you have.  

What Is a Video Operational Audit?

A Video Operational Audit is the video examination of the way an organization is running its business. It is a Video Audit of People, Processes, and Technologies within an organization to ensure the organizational policies and procedures are being followed. Also, it is a way of ensuring compliance and proof of compliance to all laws, including labor laws, that any business may need to operate within.  

Using BOS VirtuGuard™ Services to deliver these audits will avoid inherent biases or overlooked issues that will arise in an in-house conducted Video Audit, as an independent third-party audit delivers the best results to improve your business.   

VirtuGuard™ offers a variety of Video Auditing Services, each customized for your business’s needs and concerns. The goal of a Video Audit is to improve business operations and to add significant value to the business. This is done by identifying issues within the business associated with people, process, and technology that are happening which the business ownership/management may not have been aware of so that corrective actions can be taken.  

Making improvements by using the data delivered in a Video Audit will lead to improved effectiveness and efficiency of a company’s operation. Ongoing Video Auditing of People, Processes, and Technology will lead to greater profitability, legal compliance, and an increase in both employee and customer satisfaction.  

Samples of the Types of Operational Video Audits

Video Auditing can vary greatly for different industries, organizations, departments, depending on company concerns as it relates to people (employees & customers), processes, and technologies. Whether your concern is the safety of People (employees & customers), Customer Satisfaction, OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) / Legal Compliance, Reducing Shrinkage, or Ensuring Compliance with company policies and procedures, VirtuGuard™ from BOS Security has the expertise and experience to provide you with the information and results to have a positive impact on your bottom line 

Standard Operational Video Auditing 

In a typical operational video audit, VirtuGuard™ can conduct customized inspections of your business to monitor and confirm that business policies and corporate standards are always being followed. Our team works with you to establish a video auditing plan and “script” which is specialized to each business and its operation and physical property. When a Video Auditing Specialist finds something of interest, like a violation of compliance to company or legal policy and/or procedure, or other relevant concerns, a VirtuGuard™ Video Auditing Specialist will generate a detailed report and will include all related video of the situation and present the detail to your team. Video Audit Reporting can be as frequent as needed, ad hoc by each incident or complied on a weekly or monthly basis, all suited to meet your needs 

Compliance Video Audit 

A compliance Video Audit assesses whether a company follows external laws, OSHA regulations, as well as internal policies and procedures. These can be conducted to ensure compliance with necessary industry standards and regulations and that people, (employees & customers) are adhering to internal policies and procedures that exist to protect the business. Before beginning a Video Audit, VirtuGuard™ Video Auditing Specialists will work with your company to establish a video audit “checklist and plan that address your concerns. A Compliance Video Audit can help reduce risk by investigating internal controls, reviewing employee performance, and checking for compliance in individual departments. To avoid federal fines for noncompliance and risk to your company’s reputation and performance, a compliance Video Audit can provide tangible evidence of risks and ways in which to improve business processes. 

Department Video Audit

Different departments within your company may follow different policies and procedures relevant to their goals and responsibilities. To make an audit most beneficial to your company, VirtuGuard™ can develop a Video Auditing plan customized to each department to assess their procedures and suggest improvements. Concerns addressed in a Departmental Video Audit may include:  

  • How Resources are Used and Allocated  
    • Customer Attentiveness 
    • Queue Times, waiting in line 
  • How Efficiently Resources are Used When Conducting Processes 
  • Effectiveness of Existing Policies and Procedures 
  • Compliance with External Laws and Internal Policies 
  • And many more types of issues, all business and industry specific 

Investigative Video Audit

An Investigative Video Audit may be conducted when a company suspects a security breach, a theft, a crime, noncompliance with internal policies and external laws, or a considerable risk to the company, either on the part of an individual or department. This audit may be conducted to determine the cause of considerable risk and identify the factors that lead to it. VirtuGuard™ Video Auditing Specialists will conduct the Video Audit and develop a detailed report which contains suggestions on how to improve related policies or procedures and ensure that the issue will not occur again. 

Retail Video Audit

Loss Prevention Video Audit 

For retail establishments and other locations that carry valuable inventory and merchandise, VirtuGuard™ will design a Video Audit plan that addresses loss prevention and offers solutions to reduce shrinkage, both for Internal and External Losses, as well as Organized Retail Crime. Shrinkage can be defined as preventable losses caused by human error or deliberate efforts.  

By using surveillance cameras and other security infrastructure installed on your property, VirtuGuard™ Video Auditing Specialists can monitor the activity of internal staff, external vendors, and customers.   

VirtuGuard™ Video Auditing Specialists monitor and record activity that falls outside of company compliance. A loss prevention Video Audit would be related to the following and more:  

  • Are there associates located in key areas of the store? (Registers, Customer Service Desk, Fitting Room Areas, Various Departments, Front Door, etc.)  
  • Are site access points blocked or propped open?  
  • Are there any camera views blocked or are there other systems impaired?  
  • Are Cash Handling Procedures being followed? 
  • Did the store open late or close early?  
  • Are items put into the dumpsters in the proper manner? 
  • Did an associate approach an exiting customer, review their receipt, check their bag(s), and remove any security tags?  
  • Did an associate leave after closing with bags or merchandise?  
  • What time was the master safe opened and which associates were present?  

Merchandising Video Audit 

Another type of Retail Video Audit is the merchandising audit. This will compile your store’s inventory data, highlighting stock levels, consumer impact, and more. In a Merchandising Video Audit, VirtuGuard™ Video Auditing Specialist will Video Audit and report on questions like:  

  • Are Customers being actively and positively engaged? 
  • Is inventory properly stored and tracked?  
  • Are visual merchandising and displays properly arranged and placed?  
  • Is the reported sales volume aligned with the amount of inventory?  
  • Are there misplaced carts, baskets, or merchandise?  
  • Are associates on task when in the back room or on the sales floor?  
  • Is the store compliant with corporate branding expectations?  

Housing Audit 

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires regular audits to be performed on housing authorities and other subsidized housing, as they are government entities. VirtuGuard™ can conduct audits of public housing or for-profit housing to ensure that occupants are complying with federal and internal policies.  

Occupational Audit 

VirtuGuard™ Video Monitoring Specialists can audit site activities, residents, guests, vendors, and staff activity. This includes tracking the frequency of visitors and if there are any unapproved (off lease) occupants suspected of living on the property, as well as any other illegal or inappropriate behaviors.  

Rent Control 

For areas with rent control and stabilization laws, VirtuGuard™ Video Auditing Specialists will audit for prohibited activity which may put the occupant in violation of the lease, providing you with evidence should you choose to take further action. The evidence and reports that are presented to our clients are admissible and helpful in court proceedings, especially when the evidence is presented by BOS VirtuGuard™ Services, an Independent Outside Third Party Organization. 

Safety Audit

A Safety Video Audit is a structured review of a company’s efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability. VirtuGuard™ will develop a Video Audit Plan/Script with your company to observe your processes, work environment, condition of equipment, and compliance with external laws and internal regulations. Some companies may choose to perform an internal audit, but it has been proven that an independent third-party audit has an objective look at your people, processes, assets, and property, providing more effective and unbiased results. 

OSHA Compliance Audit

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets safety standards for a variety of industries and the processes that are within them. Created to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for workers across public and most private sectors, OSHA enforces civil penalties and criminal fines should an employer willfully or repeatedly violate the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.  

A Verifiable Third-Party Video Audit conducted to evaluate and report on your company’s compliance with OSHA not only protects your workers from injury or illness, but also your company from exorbitant fines or a hit to your reputation that can follow the failure to adhere to the regulations.  The VirtuGuard™ Video Auditing Specialists Team investigates and reports on hazards known to your industry and specific safety concerns brought forth by your company. A Safety Video Audit may investigate the following:  

  • Emergency Procedures  
  • Access Points 
  • Storage and Disposal of Hazardous Materials  
  • Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)   
  • Use of Equipment and Machinery  
  • Any Other Hazards in the Workplace  

After observing and reviewing the work site, VirtuGuard™ Video Auditing Specialists will present a detailed report to your team. This can prepare your company for official OSHA audits and improve the working conditions and overall safety of the working environment.   

VirtuGuard™ Video Auditing Services 

VirtuGuard™ business services can customize a Video Auditing Plan / Script specifically for your business, identify issues in your business processes and procedures associated with People, Process and Technologies. Our Video Auditing Specialists will provide detailed reports and recommendations to take corrective actions and to improve your business’s overall effectiveness and efficiency. Whether you are concerned about shrinkage, compliance with industry standards or company policies, workplace safety, or residential occupancy, BOS Security works with you to address these concerns and assist you in implementing improvements.  

To learn more about VirtuGuard™ and our Operational Video Auditing expertise, use the contact form below to request more information or visit our home page for more resources.   

Or call us now at 404-793-6965 and speak to one of our Video Auditing experts now. 



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