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How Much Does Remote Video Monitoring Cost? 

How Much Does Remote Video Monitoring Cost?

You are researching interactive remote video monitoring for your business, and you’ve probably struggled to find straightforward pricing information. For a service like live surveillance monitoring, the pricing varies for each client and each property, as the services will be customized to their specific needs. Essentially, the answer to your question is that it depends on so many factors. However, in the content below you can find the aspects that factor into pricing, services offered, and the price range of remote video monitoring solutions. Simply stated, site pricing ranges from a few hundred dollars per month to perhaps a few thousand dollars. 

What is VirtuGuard™? 

VirtuGuard™ is an interactive remote monitoring service offered by BOS Security. From our Command Centers, headquartered in Athens, Georgia, VirtuGuard™ Agents have access to live video streams and recorded video from your locations through security cameras and other infrastructure installed on your property. This security infrastructure combined with the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies, alerts Agents in our command centers to activity/events as they occur, in near real-time.  The Command Center Team then reacts accordingly to your site-specific protocols.   

Additionally, VirtuGuard™ services can replace or most certainly supplement onsite security officers by responding to AI created events or by being proactive and conducting scheduled or random virtual remote video patrols of the property and people on site.   

Our team of Command Center experts can make interactive audio awareness announcements. These awareness announcements, scripted and approved by you, deliver customer centric messages to the site. Individuals with bad intent on your property can be engaged from the Command Center. This real-time virtual engagement, with eyes, ears and voice on your property, leaves no ability for trespassers, vandals, or other inappropriate behavior at your business. With the use of interactive real-time remote guarding, individuals, potentially onsite with bad intent will not even know they are being monitored unless you want them to.  Our Command Center Staff will engage as directed, when directed by you, the customer.   

An additional service offered from the Command Center is the “Virtual Escort.” Here, Command Center Agents can be there for your staff and customers on demand to provide a remote virtual video escort to anyone coming or going from your location, bringing a significant increase in safety and well-being. Your staff, customers, and guests can use a “hotline” created for your specific site and our Command Center Team will staff with them “Virtually,” making sure that they are safe and protected. The Agent will make sure that the employee gets to their vehicle or desired destination safely, eliminating the feared danger of dark parking lots and lurking shadows.  

In tandem with live monitoring and remote patrols, we recommend installing audio speakers throughout your property. With this feature, VirtuGuard™ Agents can issue greetings, awareness announcements, or warnings as needed depending on the situation.  The Command Center Team follows scripting tools, all approved by you, and scripted messages will vary depending on who is being engaged. Customers, staff, or trespassers will all be engaged as you deem appropriate. 

Situations where audio announcements are effective include:  

  • Greeting staff, customers, or guests when they enter the business  
  • Specialty Announcements of Instructions, Site Issues, Special Events that are happening, or ongoing sales or deals for customers and guests   
  • Possibly Alerting patrons that the site is actively being monitored for safety and convenience; that the site is subject to video monitoring and recording  
  • Warnings to potential trespassers or vandals that all activities are being monitored and recorded, directing calls for assistance or potentially asking them to leave the property and that the location is currently closed, and if they do not leave then additional actions will be taken 

In most situations, the use of audio announcements is enough to deter those with bad intentions.  However, if an audio announcement is not effective or if there are not audio capabilities at your location, VirtuGuard™ Agents can alert onsite physical security officers to the site of an incident or suspicious activity. If your location is not equipped with onsite security, Command Center Agents can dispatch local law enforcement to the scene to handle any incident as necessary. All actions taken are following your preapproved site-specific protocols, all constructed to maintain your image and brand.  

VirtuGuard™ is an invaluable resource with a suite of security and business managed services all designed to improve security, site operations and bottom line, by adding significant value.  

How much does remote video monitoring cost? 

Now that you are familiar with the just some of the services offered by VirtuGuard™, it is time to dive deeper into specific services and their costs. BOS Security’s remote guarding and virtual managed services are priced and charged on a monthly basis, allowing room for your plan to change as your security needs change.In general, you will find that using interactive remote guarding will offer you the opportunity to save as much as 40-60% on your existing physical security budget. 

Interactive Monitoring Services Costs 

The cost for an interactive remote monitoring plan is determined by the number of cameras being monitored on your property and the monthly activity level per camera. The monthly activity level is figured by the number of alerts detected by Artificial Intelligence. A site where little activity is expected might be as low as $75/camera/Monthly, whereas a busy parking lot might be $8-10/hour. 

Remote Tour and Escort Costs 

The cost of remote tours and escorts is figured by the number of cameras on the property and tours/escorts conducted. The rates per tour will vary from as low as $2/per video tour, for two cameras and up depending on the length and complexity of the tour. 

Audio Services 

We strongly recommend that the Command Center Team can use live audio at all locations. Without site audio, it is impossible to attempt to engage and to change, impact, or to deter behavior. Audio gives our Agents the ability to intervene in a wide range of circumstances, otherwise the Agents can feel helpless in terms of being able to have an impact on an outcome as things are happening.   

  • Customer Service – Our Command Center Team is always Customer Centric, first and foremost.  The Teams can welcome guests to your property, share information about your hours of operation, or any other script that you’d like. This also is a very friendly way of acknowledging everyone and letting them know that they’ve been noticed.    
  • A broadcast message might be, “Our business is currently closed. We invite you to return during our normal hours of operation.” Or we could give them instructions that you want your customers and guests to know at a moment in time.  
  • A message letting someone know that they’ve entered a restricted area – this might begin as a friendly message and escalate in tone if they don’t leave.  
  • Audio also gives the ability to stop bad things from happening. Perhaps a visitor on your property is being robbed or attacked. Our Agents voice response to the property lets everyone know that they are being observed and that the police are in route, hopefully ending a bad situation and giving a victim the chance to escape to safety until help arrives.  


Mobile Surveillance Trailer 

The VirtuGuard™ mobile surveillance trailers are available for deployment on your site. These trailers are fully independent with solar power and cellular data connectivity. The cost of using a trailer system is independent of monitoring costs, which can vary depending on the activity level of your site.   

Equipment cost can vary depending on equipment installed on the trailer and length of commitment but might vary from $1800-$3,000+ per month.  

Contact BOS Security for a Security Assessment Today 

The pricing information outlines the basis on which your business’s monthly cost is established. More cost effective than traditional onsite security solutions, VirtuGuard™ secures your property at any location from our state-of-the-art Command Center.   

BOS Security is happy to provide a trial period of remote video monitoring for your business. We want you to be confident in VirtuGuard™’s ability to effectively secure your property, because we are confident in our remote guarding solutions.   

To learn more about what VirtuGuard™ can do for you, fill out the contact form below and one of our security experts will schedule a meeting time.  

Be proactive in your security measures and keep your property, staff, and customers safe and happy.  

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