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Attempted Break-In Stopped by VirtuGuard™ Remote Guards

Attempted Break-In Stopped by VirtuGuard™ Remote Guards

At approximately 3:52am at an outdoor shopping center protected by a VirtuGuard™ Mobile Surveillance Trailer, Agents observed an individual looking into vehicles in the parking lot. 

VirtuGuard™ immediately conducted several Voice Down Commands through speakers mounted on the trailer, alerting the individual that their activities were being monitored and recorded. The individual walked away from the vehicles but began to walk onto the sidewalk in front of the storefronts.  

The individual was pulling on the glass door to a barbershop, looking into the store. Agents conducted more Voice Downs, notifying the individual that if he continued to trespass on the private property and attempt to enter business, local police would be called. The individual promptly left the premises on foot.

Agents monitored the area closely to ensure that the individual did not return. 

Prevent Break-Ins with Remote Guarding

With proactive virtual monitoring from VirtuGuard™, remote guards can detect and react to suspicious or illegal activity in an instant. Review case studies on the power of VirtuGuard™ and complete the contact form below to learn more. 


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