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The Benefits An On-Site Security Officer Provides

The technological advances of the past few decades have completely swept the private security field, changing the landscape forever. Whether it’s wireless cameras the size of a ballpoint pen, security that can be accessed from a smartphone, or even drones that can monitor a location from the air, things that were once relegated to the pages of science fiction have become an everyday reality. With all of those options, along with more traditional precautions like ,security lighting dummy cameras, and electronic theft detection, flesh-and-blood security officers might seem like something of a novelty.

They’re not though; security officers are perhaps the most potent tool in any business’s security arsenal.

What Benefits Does An On-Site Security Officer Provide?

There are a number of benefits that on-site officers can provide that machines simply cannot match, no matter how advanced they are. Security officers have the ability to provide a human presence, which is often more comforting and reassuring to customers than the most advanced technology. On-site officers can interact with customers as well, providing customer service and de-escalating any situations that may arise. Security officers discourage threats like theft and vandalism just by being present, and if issues do arise they have the human capacity to decide when it’s necessary to contact the authorities.

It’s also important to remember that security officers can be trained to fulfill a number of different functions. Officers who have training in first aid can often save lives for instance, while officers who have been trained on fire safety may be able to stop small threats from spiraling out of control. Lastly though, while technology might malfunction or go down when there’s an emergency or a power outage on-site security officers are always ready and able to do the job.

Choose What’s Right For You

A security system is not a one-size-fits-all product. Every business is different, and it has different needs that must be fulfilled. In some circumstances that might mean installing a basic camera to watch the door, and in others it might mean putting up window bars and electronic theft protection. It’s always a good idea to consult security professionals though, and to get an evaluation pointing out all of the holes that exist in a business’s security. Only once those holes have all been pointed out can a plan to plug them up be created. For more information contact us about your security needs today!


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