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Guard Services in Atlanta: Are they Needed at Church?

While people are increasingly recognizing the importance of security guards, one place they are a little leery about seeing them is at church. Even so, there’s no denying that churches are becoming the target of criminals, who see them as easy targets for a number of reasons. Here are some things to think about in order to determine whether your church might need guard services in Atlanta.

Size of Congregation

Naturally, the bigger your congregation is, the greater the potential for an incident is. Having more people in one area makes it more likely a criminal will target your church, since it will be easier to blend in with the crowd than at smaller houses of worship. Thieves are also more likely to pick your church, simply because your offering plate might be bigger.


Even if your congregation is relatively small, you could need a security guard if you have more than a few members with special needs. Elderly and physically challenged individuals are especially vulnerable to attacks because criminals might see them as easy targets. As such, you may need a security guard to protect them just in case.

Other Factors

There are other factors that might make hiring a security guard a good practice, including:

  • The neighborhood your church is located in
  • Amount of lighting in parking lot
  • Crime trends in your area
  • The number of valuables such as musical instruments and electronics your church contains

Many denominations recommend churches have a security analysis performed in order to determine where weak areas are. Should a security analysis of your church reveal the need for security officers, contact us for assistance. We are sensitive to the unique needs of churches, and will do our best to make the members of your congregation feel safe without being intimidated by the presence of security guards.


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