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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure: Just Ask Atlanta’s Best Security Guard Company

Crime is a major concern for every business owner out there. Whether it’s shoplifting, robbery, vandalism, or any of a slew of other crimes a business needs to be proactive in keeping itself safe. That’s where crime prevention comes into the picture. Sometimes making small, simple changes is all it takes to prevent crime from ever happening at all.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

The sort of environment a business creates can lead to passive theft prevention. As an example most businesses who sell cigarettes keep them behind the counter. This prevents underage customers from gaining access to them, and it makes them impossible to steal without someone stepping behind the counter.

This same kind of logic can be applied to other parts of a business. If there’s an isolated corner that’s hard to see it’s a good idea to put bulky items that are hard to steal there. Also it’s a good idea to put up mirrors or cameras so that there are no truly hidden corners or blind areas that would give thieves an opportunity.

Crime Prevention Through Observation

People are less likely to commit a crime if they are being observed. It’s why whenever someone sees a parked police car on the highway they immediately check to make sure they’re not speeding or doing anything else that would get them a ticket. That’s why if a business has cameras it’s a good idea to put up a notice that they’re observing and recording what’s going on. Security guards offer much the same kind of deterrent, but with the added implication that there are boots on the ground willing to step in and handle any situations that may arise.

You Don’t Have To Go It Alone

A business doesn’t need a bleeding-edge security system in order to prevent crime and keep both customers and company investments safe. Sometimes all it takes is some careful thought on how your business is set up, what procedures you have in place, and which security system you choose to use. If you need help from Atlanta’s best security guard company then all you have to do is contact us to speak to one of our professional security representatives.


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