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When you have not only multiple stores to monitor as well as the common area between the businesses and the corresponding parking lots, a whole new set of challenges can prevent themselves. You need to make sure you have eyes on every corner of the field to start any crime prevention initiative. According to the Beverly Police Department, the shopping center’s location, design, and accessibility can all affect crime rates and needed strategies to lower, eradicate, and prohibit. Here a some creative strategies to dealing with security concerns:

  • 1 in 11 people shoplift today, and there is no specific profile. Males, females, kids, and adults all steal a variety of items with very little pattern to draw. This means all store employees and security guards need training on key behaviors to look for when watching customers for theft.
  • Shopping malls are often designed with public restrooms at the end of a long and isolated hallway, making constant monitoring a challenge. Placing a security guard in and around this area help keep surveillance of this secluded area from ever lapsing.
  • Often people are most distracted when they are lost or unsure where they parked their car. Instead of paying attention to his or her surroundings, they are looking for a sign with directions or searching their purse for their keys. Making parking structure–over 1 in 10 property crimes such as theft and vandalism happen in parking decks–and any other high-risk easier to navigate through clear signs, customer escorts, and emergency buttons to press in case of suspicion.
  • Thorough and constant video surveillance is best used when any potential offenders are aware of its existence and believe it greatly increases the risk of getting caught. But beyond crime prevention, they help with police investigations, customers who suffer a health problem unnoticed by bystanders, and greater comfort for shoppers overall.

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