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Should You Consider an Armed Guard for Your Business?

The fact that you need security for your business is a given. You simply can’t leave the safety of your employees and customers to chance, not to mention the necessity of safeguarding your professional and personal assets. What is more difficult to figure out is whether you need an unarmed or armed guard for your business in the Atlanta area. Before you make this decision, it is essential to understand the major differences between the two types of security guards.

Armed Security Guards

The most obvious way an armed security guard differs from an unarmed one is that he or she carries a loaded weapon while on duty. Due to the extensive training that armed security guards must undergo in order to know how and when to discharge their weapon, having an armed security presence costs more money. However, situations such as regularly transporting large amounts of cash or doing business in a crime-ridden neighborhood clearly warrant the additional expense. The mere presence of an armed guard in high-risk situations is often enough to deter people from committing a crime.

Unarmed Security Guards

Crowd control, maintaining order, and preventing theft are some of the primary functions of unarmed security guards. They often work at large events such as sporting functions and concerts. When an unarmed guard is unable to diffuse a situation, he or she may call in the police or an armed guard for backup.

When in Doubt, Schedule a Security Evaluation

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