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Why Your College Campus Needs Atlanta’s Best Security Guard Company

The typical college dorm isn’t exactly a calm, quiet place. Students who are living away from their parents for the first time don’t always make good choices about their newfound freedom. Underage drinking is a huge problem, which leads to an unsafe situation all around. If your department is in charge of hiring campus guards, consider the professionals at BOS Security. As Atlanta’s best security guard company, we only hire those with extensive experience in the field. We also provide in-depth training to ensure that our guards can meet the unique needs of our clients, including local college campuses.

Security Threats Unique to the College Environment

While the following situations can happen anywhere, they are especially prevalent at Atlanta’s colleges:

  • Students under the influence of alcohol or drugs: Even though the legal age to purchase alcohol in Georgia is 21, binge drinking remains a huge problem on college campuses. The sale and use of illegal drugs are also problematic.
  • Rape and sexual assault: Whether it occurs in a dorm room, in the parking lot, or even in an instructor’s office, rape and sexual assault happen with alarming frequency on college campuses.
  • Violence: Fistfights between college mates or a group brawl used to be the worst types of violence college administrators had to address. With increased cases of active shooters on college campuses nationwide, it’s essential to have a trained security force on site at all times.

Work with a Security Firm That Understands Your Needs

If these problems are only getting worse on your campus, contact BOS Security for a comprehensive needs assessment. We’ll find the weak areas and develop a strategy to address them. We welcome your input at any time while creating the action plan. Please contact us today to make your campus safer for students, staff, and visitors tomorrow.


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