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Security Officers Do More than Deter Thieves

The biggest reason most companies have for hiring a security officer is to prevent theft. While the guard may occasionally chase thieves down, the primary means of prevention is deterrence. Most criminals don’t want to engage in illegal acts under the watchful eye of an authoritative witness, so when they see an officer, they play it cool and keep walking.

This effect is powerful, and it alone can make it worthwhile to hire one or more security officers. However, there are other benefits to having a guard presence on the premises, including:

An Increased Sense of Security

Both customers and employees will feel more relaxed when they see that a security guard is standing ready to intervene if trouble breaks out. This is especially important in environments where various types of trouble have been more common, but is also surprisingly welcome in areas where it wouldn’t be expected. In the latter areas, such as high-end shopping centers, people often believe that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Improved Emergency Response Ability

Emergencies come in many forms. If a fight suddenly breaks out, a uniformed guard can be just the person to break it up before it escalates into anything life-threatening. A guard will also have a good chance at being trained in CPR and other methods of handling very different forms of emergencies like sudden health crises. These abilities allow security officers to spring into action in a wide variety of ways so that all-around safety at your location is increased.

These are just some of the ways adding a security guard will help your company. Just contact us to learn more about how our guard services improve safety and prevent crime!


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